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My first live final, amazing feeling, I would love to feel it again.
Was working in Brussels and Antwerp at the time so watched it in a local bar in Brussels which was absolutely rammed with other Spurs fans, just a handful of ManCity fans. Great atmosphere both at Wembley and the bar - and plenty of beers drunk !

Fantastic final, Spurs didn't seem to have a reverse gear so it was all about going forward.

Agree would love to have that bit of deja vu.

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In the greater scheme of things,its almost the present,yet we seem a million miles from that now.
Was chatting yesterday to a spurs mate about this.Whilst no team has the right to trophies,its pretty shocking we didn't/haven't won things with that team.I am not hopeful for the near future either.
When you are looking to beat West ham to give your season a lift,you know things ain't going well.
Kid: "What was it iike being subbed for the CL final."

Moura: "Ah, this game... I cried a lot."

Never forgiven for this, Poch. Never forgiven.
I was very angry then about that coz i felt our chances of winning went down when Lucas was bench. But on the human side, Poch really butt screwed Lucas . It makes me dislike Poch the person.

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