Spurs vs Leicester City 20 Dec 14:15

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If you guys think Bergwijn is bad, have a look at Lloris’ stats.

273 appearances for spurs
0 goals
0 assists

he has to start contributing more.


The prodigal son.
Ok, just had time to calm myself down from
the result.
Definetely the worst performance since Everton. Aurier and Sissoko definetely fucked up, but this was on José as well. Terrible setup.
Kane was dreadful. There were 2 occasions where Kane 3 weeks ago would've shot with his left foot, today he tried passing it to Son, who also was not good today.
We were also very unlucky with the GLC Ndombele situation, where one got injured when we had just subbed the other, leaving us completely toothless in midfield, and it showed a lot.
I love Lucas, most likely will name my kid after him because of that one game, but he's not first team quality, and never will be.
All in all, this loss hurt us, badly, but the season is long, so let's see where we are in the end of january, after we've played Liverpool again.
Onwards and upwards. Come on you fucking Spurs, I love you when we win, I get reminded how much I love you when we lose.
Who's watching Match of the Day then?

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Can we fucking stop with the Ndombele at #10 experiment too.

Get him in the middle of the park so we can attempt to play football.


That match today is why I have refused to get carried away. And why I have refused to buy into Mourinho. Leicester are not a better team than us. I know this is going to garner massive X’s, but I’m bored of this “football” now. I have said privately that I would stomach it for a title/cup. But I never really believed it would produce that. Cup games are obviously one offs and therefore I wouldn’t write off winning one. But fuck me my brain might be too dead to understand what’s happening by the time Hugo hoists the Carabao Tin Can above his head.

It seems that the team doesn’t have the ability to play a possession based progressive style. Like they have forgotten or lost the skills and mental/positional awareness to play in that manner.

For the first time in YEARS I’m feeling I could skip a game. It’s just not an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours.

Daniel needs to take down the motto “To dare is to do” and the quote “the game is about glory” for the next 18 months. Which is how long I can see José lasting.

Please, please José, let the footballers play football before you ruin the likes of Tanguy, Gio, Sonny and Harry for ever.

This may well be a melt. But I just don’t like the style.
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It’s a bit insulting that people who are concerned about our shit performances are labelled melters or even worse not proper fans.
There are some obvious trolls on here, but there are also some other long standing fans who are not used to seeing this style of play, myself included.
I am no less a fan than any of you guys. I want to see us win, but to see this crap served up week in week out is soul destroying.
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