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Sadly still out recovering from an operation in July - came on as a late sub v Leipzig in 2019/20

Big guy who's comfortable on the ball. Just needs to drop that 2nd bit of the surname
Big guy who's comfortable on the ball. Just needs to drop that 2nd bit of the surname

The original holder of that bit of the surname almost seems to have sunk into obscurity. Always remember a friend asking when he was being bigged up for a call up to national team, whether that was for the olympics as a sprinter as he wasnt impressed by his foootballing skills !

Hope Malachi is back training shortly as I think he could get a few minutes here and there in the early rounds of Europa League and League Cup.
I've now seen video of the penalty that Cirkin gave away against Watford.
From fans' descriptions before I saw it, I thought he must have dived in rashly. But watching the actual incident, it looked like the Watford player got wrong side of Cirkin, then used his body to run across his line, Cirkin was a bit grabby and the Watford player went down.
It was soft, but exactly what opponents will do to you at the top level.
For me, it should be a perfect "learning or teaching moment", to use that somewhat cliched phrase.
Mourinho, Sacramento and Ledley King should use it with all our young players to show them the type of contact they need to be very cautious of around our penalty box.
I certainly don't think it's the kind of incident that should lead to Cirkin being considered "not ready yet". Based on his other pre-season showings, and what we're hearing from training sessions, I have no problem with Cirkin getting some time in the League Cup games.
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