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ok, didnt spot that at the time, and Austin out on loan at the time so maybe my first post on the subject isn't true as it was based on my thinking Whiteman had relatively recently been moved out of u23's
What could be informative is they haven't bothered to give CCV a number on the OS list. Clarke as well.
What could be informative is they haven't bothered to give CCV a number on the OS list. Clarke as well.

Both surely playing with a number in all pre-season matches ? Just as likely to be lazy updating - will only be done properly at end of TW. But both might leave by end of TW I agree

Nothing new, but a decent summary of a youth watchers assessment of Cameron Carter-Vickers, Harvey White, Dennis Cirkin, Jamie Bowden, Dane Scarlett and Alfie Devine involvement in the 4 pre-season matches.

On CCV for example : And although he wasn’t really tested in much of our four friendlies, I thought that he kept good positioning and was just solid in his play, plus his distribution was good. There was one moment in the first half of the Watford game where he slid in and put his body on the line to put a Watford player off when he was trying to latch onto a low cross from the right hand side, that was brave defending from Carter-Vickers, something that he was always known for at youth level.

Something, I'd agree with, CCV looked just fine both as a defender and passing out from the back - but the one issue that JM will consider is that CCV has never been given the opportunity to play in PL whereas Foyth (just 13 days younger) has been but Foyth's record in those is patchy at best (2 penalties conceded n his debut).

Right now I'd be tempted to trust the man with almost 100 championship matches under his belt if we need an extra defender (CB/RB/LB) in the squad to deal with the punishing schedule of matches we start the season with. But if Spurs buy an extra CB (as rumoured) then I'd guess CCV will be off this TW, which will be a shame.........because I think we will see him back in PL at some stage, just not for Spurs.

But I think we will see Harvey White, Dennis Cirkin and very possibly Jamie Bowden playing for the first team this season, the first two possibly including some of the easier PL games, the latter possibly only the cup games.

How would you compare and contrast Bowden and White? They both seem to play in a similar role. Both seem rather comfortable on the ball with White having the ability to spray the ball around a bit more. Bowden does seem more of a defender than White, but this is coming from the runouts I have seen as part of the first team. White seems to be further in development?
Tottenham Hotspur – 2020/21 Under-18 Premier League fixture list
Sat 12 Sep - West Ham United (A) - 11am - Little Heath
Sat 19 Sep - Woolwich (H) - 11am - Hotspur Way
Sat 26 Sep - Brighton & Hove Albion (A) - 11.30am - AMEX Elite Football Performance Centre
Sat 3 Oct - Fulham (A) - 11am - Imber Court
Sat 17 Oct - Aston Villa (H) - 12pm - Hotspur Way
Sat 24 Oct - Reading (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way

Sat 7 Nov - Norwich City (A) - 11.30am - Lotus Training Centre
Sat 21 Nov - Southampton (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way
Sat 28 Nov - Leicester City (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way

Sat 12 Dec - Crystal Palace (A) - 11am - Crystal Palace Training Ground
Sat 19 Dec - West Bromwich Albion (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way
Sat 9 Jan - Chelsea (A) - 11am - Cobham
Sat 16 Jan - West Ham (H) - 11am - Hotspur Way
Sat 23 Jan - Woolwich (A) - 11am - London Colney
Sat 30 Jan - Brighton & Hove Albion (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way
Sat 13 Feb - Fulham (H) - 11am - Hotspur Way

Sat 20 Feb - Aston Villa (A) - 12pm - Bodymoor Heath
Sat 27 Feb - Reading (A) - 11.30am - Reading Training Ground
Sat 20 Mar - Norwich City (H) - 11.30am - Hotspur Way
Sat 10 Apr - Southampton (A) - 11.30am - Staplewood
Sat 17 Apr - Leicester City (A) - 11.30am - Leicester City Training Ground
Sat 24 Apr - Crystal Palace (H) - 11am - Hotspur Way
Sat 1 May - West Bromwich Albion (A) - 11.30am - Wast Hills Training Ground
Sat 8 May - Chelsea (H) - 11am - Hotspur Way
Tottenham Hotspur – 2020/21 Premier League 2 fixture list
Sat 12 Sep – Brighton & Hove Albion (H) – 1pm – Hotspur Way
Fri 18 Sep – West Ham United (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way

Sun 27 Sep – Woolwich (A) – 2pm – Meadow Park
Sun 3 Oct – Southampton (H) – 2pm – Hotspur Way
Mon 19 Oct – Everton (A) – 7pm – Southport
Fri 30 Oct – Blackburn Rovers (A) – 7pm – Lancashire FA County Ground
Fri 6 Nov – Derby County (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Fri 20 Nov – Manchester United (A) – 7pm – Leigh Sports Village
Mon 30 Nov – Leicester City (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Mon 14 Dec – Chelsea (A) – 7pm – Kingsmeadow
Sat 19 Dec – Liverpool (A) – 1pm – Liverpool Academy
Fri 8 Jan – Manchester City (H) – 7pm – Hotspur Way
Fri 15 Jan – Brighton & Hove Albion (A) – 7pm – AMEX Elite Football Performance Centre
Fri 22 Jan – West Ham United (A) – 6pm – Rush Green training ground
Fri 29 Jan – Woolwich (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Sun 7 Feb – Southampton (A) – 2pm – AFC Totton
Fri 12 Feb – Everton (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Fri 26 Feb – Blackburn Rovers (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way

Mon 15 Mar – Derby County (A) – 7pm – Loughborough University Stadium
Fri 19 Mar – Manchester United (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Mon 12 Apr – Leicester City (A) – 7pm – Leicester City Training Ground
Fri 16 Apr – Chelsea (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way
Fri 23 Apr – Liverpool (H) – 12pm – Hotspur Way

Fri 30 Apr – Manchester City (A) – 7pm – City Football Academy Stadium
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