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Tanganga wants more money before he signs another contract , but we won’t offer no more , also he wants to go on loan , we won’t let him go on loan until he signs contract , so it’s a bit of a mess. The boys who went on loan beginning of the season really really pushed for the loans as they would have been stuck at u23 level or in no mans land . Georgiou is the only one I heard that we were happy to let go . Roles was deemed too good for u23 but was not going to get many minutes in first team due to his physicality and what players were in front of him , but he needed to be playing regular men’s football for his development and to get his physicality right and get him ready . Skipp and Parrott are physically there already . I would say he has done the right thing pushing for his loan . I would also say he has so far been the most successful out of our loanees in the last few years , so for him it has been completely the correct decision . Tanganga has wasted 5 months as has Skipp , unless they are going to get regular minutes in that first team they need to go on loan for their own sakes and careers

Former Spur Josh Onomah scores first goal for Fulham with a great strike from just inside the box. He's taken some stick from Fulham fans for his early performances but has been one of the best performers in a couple of recent matches....and now a goal which might lift his confidence.


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It's refreshing to finally see our youth players get some game time or loans out. Hopefully these are well thought out loans where our players get some great minutes playing football that suits them.
Confirmed by Ornstein now.

Agreed lots of reports that Alfie Devine has both passed medical and signed contract.

Contract registration cant take place until 27 July (think the TW opening date is the first date of registration) and not sure if club will announce a youngster joining anyway so fully expecting us to first here of him in some update about the academy.

Good signing though - now a deep lying footballer, likes a tackle etc, but not that long ago was a centre forward. Will be one of the best player in that year group which already has Hackett (CB/LB), Scarlett (striker) and Mathurin (winger) and as probably the top 3 picks, and a few other decent players too. At Wigan Devine was already starting to play u23's so may be interesting how long he stays playing in Spurs u18's.
Josh Onomah scores a worldie for Fulham in the EFL play offs.
And to think we've had to put up with Sissoko for all these seasons when we could have been watching a player of similar size and strength who can actually control the ball and beat a man.
Jack Roles will be an interesting one, obviously did very well in League Two so you'd assume he'd be looking at at potentially a Championship club for his next step, at least a League One team anyway.
Jack Clarke started for Leeds tonight in the CC away to Salford City. Sold out! :love:
Leeds win 3-0.
CCV starts - clean sheet. Stoke win 1-0.
Luke Amos scores a pen in the shootout as QPR go through after 3-3. He came on 60 mins.

Loved the answers on the thread of the tweet too.

Everything from "Yes" to "Promotion to League 1 assured" and similar.

Made s real hit with the fans on his debut - loan announced yesterday and even if he had been at Cambridge for a few days on trial before, a really impressive performance as he cannot have known his team mates that well.
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