Spurs Youth 2020/21

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This thread will follow the U23s, U18s and other Spurs youth teams in the various competitions and tournaments throughout the season – including the U18 Premier League, Premier League 2 (U23) and Youth Cup. If you have any information about any age group, including U16s and below that you feel is worthy of sharing then please post.

Information below courtesy of the legendary Spursidol Spursidol as of 11/09/2020.


Academy Year 2 (total - 14 players)
GK - Thimothée Lo-Tutala, Isak Solberg
CB - Marqes Muir
FB - Dermi Lusala, Jeremy Kyezu, Kallum Cesay,
CM - Michael Craig, Matthew Craig, Nile John, Yago Santiago Alonso,
AM - Romaine Mundle, Eddie Carrington, Max Robson
FW - Tarrelle Whittaker

Academy Year 1 (total 11 players)
GK - Aaron Maguire, Adam Hayton.
CB -
FB - Jordan Hackett-Valton (LB/CB).
CM - Alfie Devine, Jez Davies, Khalon Haysman, Dante Cassanova,
AM - Roshaun Mathurin, Renaldo Torraj, Oliver Turner (LW/LWB).
FW - Dane Scarlett.

Development Squad

Currently Spurs’ under 23 squad for the 2020/21 season is circa 30 players but some may be loaned out (loans to EFL sides can be made until mid October) or play with the first team squad :

GK: Alfie Whiteman (loan?) , Brandon Austin (loan?), Jonathan De Bie, Josh Oluwayemi, Kacper Kurylowicz (Braintree Town trial?)
FB: Dennis Cirkin (First team squad?) , Jubril Okedina (First Team squad?), Keenan Ferguson.
CB: Malachi Fagan-Walcott (could be First Team squad?) , Brooklyn Lyons-Foster.
CM: George Marsh (loan?), Jamie Bowden (First team squad?) , Elliot Thorpe, Rafferty Pedder, Harvey White (First Team squad?), Aaron Skinnner
AM: Anthony Georgiou (loan?), Jack Roles (loan/First Team squad?) Shilow Tracey (loan?), Dilan Markanday, J’Neil Bennett, Jeremie Mukendi, Maurizio Pochettino, Chay Cooper.
FW: Kazaiah Sterling (loan?), Rodel Richards, Kion Etete, Enock Asante.

Already on Loan :
TJ Eyoma (season long loan at Lincoln City),
Troy Parrott (season long loan at Millwall),
Oliver Skipp (season long loan at Norwich City, previously with First Team).

And then there are Academy players who may well play up with Under-21s such as Dermi Lusala (RB/CB) and Nile John (CM/AM) plus maybe the duo who played in pre-season with the first team squad (Dane Scarlett, FW and Alfie Devine, CM).
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Not sure about this logic personally I was a decent road cyclist back in my early teens and certainly a level above anybody in my age group at my club , competing in my own age group was a waste of time and was always beneficial to compete at a higher level even when getting hammered regularly.

But they weren't and aren't competing at a higher level.

There's a difference between taking you out of your age group, putting you amongst a higher level and playing at that level consistently for a year and taking you out of that age group to do some training on a weekly basis with older and more experienced players but not actually playing competitively.

My point being - Pochettino stopped Skipp, Parrott, KWP, Onomah etc. at some point from playing football weekly and refused to send them out on loan because he thought their development was best treated training with the first team.

Mourinho on the other hand clearly believes his best youth talents should either be loaned out (Skipp, Parrott) to play football or at least playing some kind of football to continue their development instead of just training with the first team (Cirkin, White, Clarke).

I prefer Mourinhos line of thinking.

18 year olds can absolutely benefit from playing U23s football.
Its getting towards the end of the season with just 2 Spurs u23 games to be played (ManCity home and away) with those on loan all with a handful of games to play.

So I doubt anything will change much in the last few weeks, and time to look at who is likely to go and who to stay in Spurs u23's

First, my guess at the leavers :

1 Aaron Skinner – On trial at Sunderland earlier this season. But contract until June 2022

2 Tobi Omole – regular at u23 on one year deal, but will no longer count as an u21 in 2001/03

3 George Marsh – regular u23 this season after decent League 2 loan last season, but already aged 22.

4 Chay Cooper – Rarely seen this season

5 Shilow Tracey – Loan to Cambridge for 23 year old which went ok, but doubt he will be kept on as he is not good technically and too old for u23’s

6 Jeremi Mukendi – Rarely seen this season

7 Enock Asante - Rarely seen this season

8 Kaziah Sterling – loan to Greenwich Morton but no goals for 22 year old, his last chance ?.

There's also a handful of players I am uncertain as to whether they will stay or go :

1 Kacper Kurlowicz – made Spurs u23 debut in April from bench. Decent goalkeeper but we likely have two gk's in Acasdemy Year 2 joining development squad next season, so are there too many ?

2 Keenan Ferguson – injured after 2 games, not seen since. Had signed one year contract. Looked good in preseason as both RB and CB

3 Rafferty Pedder (CM/AM) – just 19 (dob 6/4/2002), unlucky with injuries at Spurs, only regularly involved in u23's in last 6 weeks.

4 Jack Roles – Loan at Burton yielded a couple of appearances, followed by loan at Stevenage, seemingly injured in first game ? Almost no playing time this season after great loan at Cambridge (League 2) last season and now aged 22.

Then those who will stay at Spurs (the Retained List) - and of these probably 10 to 12 should be on loan next season :


1. Alfie Whiteman
(GK) age 22,
Contract to 2022. Probably 3rd GK in first team or out on loan for experience

2 Brandon Austin (GK) - age 21
Contract to 2022. E u21 Out on loan again

3 Joshua Oluwayemi (GK) – age 20
Loan to Maidenhead for first half of season before being Spurs u23 gk this season


4 Timothy Eyoma
(RB/CB) – age 21
WC u17 winner, pre-season 2018 before 2years in Poch’s train/no play and then injured, but 30+ games on loan for Lincoln in 20/21. Contract to 2023. Loan to Championship club, outside chance of being back up RB (would count as u21) ?

5 Marcel Lavenier (RB/LB) - age 20
Former Chelsea graduate, has ever present in u23’s this season. Appearance in EL v Wolfsberger. Loan to Championship club or outside chance of being back up RB ?

6 Dennis Cirkin (LB), age almost 19
Missed much of first part of u23 season after decent Pre-season. First loan next season ?

7 Malachi Walcott (CB), aged 19
Injured shortly after a surprise appearance v RB Leipzig last season, had one u23 game this season before loan to Dundee in January where after excellent debut injured in 2nd game and likely to be out until next season. Another loan next season

8 Jubril Okedina (RB/CB), aged 20
Contract until 2022. After decent u23 half season, 7 full matches on loan to Cambridge (League 2). Loan to higher rated club next season

9. Brooklyn Lyons-Foster (CB/FB), aged 20
At a younger age, often referred to as Rolls Royce defender but possibly not physically developed. Has been on a couple of preseasons without playing. Still needs to develop physically before a first loan ?

Central Midfielders

10. Harvey White
(CM/DM), aged 19
Contract until 2024. Versatile player capable of playing LB, LM and CB. Almost 2 footed and set piece specialist. Excellent record of goals/assists, partly due to set pieces. Almost 20 appearances on loan at Portsmouth, but only about 8 full match equivalents experience with 3 or 4 starts to add to 3 preseasons at Spurs and an EL and FA Cup appeatrance. Another loan ?

11 Jamie Bowden (CM.DM), aged 19
Contract until 2023. Deep lying playmaker unlucky with injuries in last 2 years but has been involved in Preseason 2019 and 2020. A first loan next season ?

Attacking Midfield

12 Dilan Markanday
(AM) aged 19
Contract until 2022. Diminutive no 10/wide attacker who made EL squad this season. A loan next season or will his physique be an issue so he plays u23’s another season ?

13 Elliot Thorpe (CM/AM) aged 19
Probably the player who has physically developed more than any over last 3 years, and maybe his rapid growth has affected his fitness. A loan next season or does he plays u23’s another season ?

14 J’Neil Llloyd Bennett (winger/striker) aged 19
Impressive record in academy u18’s usually as LF or striker if required, but this season injury hit in u23’s. On his u18 appearances a real first team contender. A loan next season or does he plays u23’s another season ?


15. Troy Parrett aged 19
2 half season loans to Millwall (Championship) and IIpswich (League 1) but only one goal for the 19 year old. Will be loaned out again in 2021/22

16 Kion Etete aged 19
Spurs u23 main striker this season with decent scoring/assist record. A 6 foot 6 inches tall striker and technically quite good. I assume a loan next season

17 Rodel Richards (winger/striker) aged 20 – Played well until October, but seemingly injured for 6 months until goal scoring return off bench v Leicester in April, followed by starting next game. I would assume a loan next season

In addition to these probably a dozen or more of the 15 strong Academy Year 2 willl join the development squad next season - most have been playing at u18 or u23 level this season so its likely vast majority will get a pro contract next season based upon playing statistics this season

And there are also Alfie Devine and Dane Scarlett who are too young to be loaned out so will be playing u23 football next season.

So we'll definitely need 10 or 12 loans next season to keep the u23 squad down to say 20 players next season, if more than that there will not be enough playing time for all of them.
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You do realise there are 54 players currently aged 15 and over in the academy, do you seriously expect all of them to join the first eleven.

Spurs have developed one player in six years? There are currently 31 ex Spurs academy players who have come through since 2010 playing professional football - you clearly don't follow our youth players very closely.

as for making it as Spurs - Rose, (never started for Leeds) Kane, Winks, CCV, Georgiou, Sterling, Skipp, Marsh, Eyoma, Tanganga, Parrot, Whiteman, Austin, Cirkin, White all still on our books .... pretty sure more than one of those have played for us ......

It wuld not be unreasonable to expect say 2 new academy players a year to start to play in Spurs first team (including pre-season) and at least one to join first team squad to play first team football on a more regular basis. Reason being that each year Spurs have 2 - 4 really good youngsters in each year group.

And over a 6 year period I would have expected to find maybe 4 or 5 players to have joined the first team - in stead of buying jorneymen footballers for Spurs first team squad.

Rose had started to play at Spurs pre-Poch, CCV has never played a PL match nor has Georgiou, Marsh, Eyoma - Sterling played a couple of minutes, - Whiteman and Austin have not played for Spurs first team. Some of them because they are not good enough, others have been good enough (as judged by England youth coaches etc)

The whole issue of the Poch era is (and I repeat) only ONE player, Winks, had significant time and is currently part of the first team squad.

There are probably a dozen or more who had a few minutes in one or two games - and that was it. Clearly Poch never had any intention of bringing the players through.

Skipp played as Spurs were short of players - but last season hardly got a look in under Poch nor did he get a chance to go on loan to play the minutes every 19 year needs - same with Parrott.

Despite his reputation, Mourhino has probably done more for Spurs academy players in the year at Spurs than Poch did in his 6 years,

The issue which you fail to comprehend is Poch allowed youngsters to train with the first team squad and where he decided they were not ready for first team minutes, did NOT allow them the opportunity to go on loan to get the experience he clearly thought the need to play at Spurs.

And that has the consequence that now Spurs enter the current season with 2 Club trained players in their squad - Kane and Winks plus the bought back Bale, with Rose likely to leave - meaning Spurs cannot get to have a 25 man squad for UEFA, unless one of the 21 year old inexperienced GK's (no loans under Poch) is 3rd GK.
Also puts pressure on Spurs to buy HG players from other clubs to get our squad numbers up (Dele, Doherty, Hart, Sessegnon currently)

Had Spurs been seen to be bringing the academy players through better we would have a better squad (saving money on squad players to buy on better layers) - and not had the ridiculous situation where Fulham fans think that Onomah (given away last summer after being played as a RM by Poch for token minutes in many matches and never as CM where he plaed in Spurs youth and Fulham) is largely responsible for getting them back in PL or players like Spurs u16 captain Mandueke refusing Spurs Academy scholarship offer as he thinks there is no route to the Spurs first team (and now a first team player at PSV scoring goals and making assists having taken Bergwijn's place - at age 18) or Binks leaving to go to Montreal and now Italy for the same reason.

I thank Poch for the coaching he did for the first team and getting us to CL final (and Cl in 4 successive seasons) but not for his utterly incompetent handling of most of the academy players during his tenure or his over training/playing many first team players which may well have caused many of them to burn out too early.


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Lincoln lost 2-1 in the League 1 playoff final to Blackpool - Blackpool just so much better in attack - but great experience for Eyoma to play in such an important match for LIncoln.

A classy 'goodbye' to Lincoln City Fc and its fans which is good to see, as both Lincoln and Eyoma have benefitted from the loan with TJ being trusted to play in over 50 matches this season and over 4,000 minutes as RB (first half of the season) and CB in 2nd half of the season. Very few loans give this amount of playing experience
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