Spurs Youth 2020/21

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Shame it isn't the Championship.

I am sure when he leaves next summer, he'll move to a Championship club.
Rumour around that Jamie Bowden injured in training - maybe out for 2 months, which would be a shame as atm he either stays at Spurs where his best chance to play might be Tuesday's match v Orient (probably off bench) and after that he'll be lucky to get any minutes, or goes out on loan but loan might now need to be postponed until January
1-0 Spurs George Marsh scores. White assist.
2-0 Spurs! Harvey White from the penalty spot.
3-0 now! Rodel Richards with our goal.
Dennis Cirkin with the assist.
FT 3-0.
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They will be no new contract for him. No path to the first team, this loan is a chance to attract minor league attention.
I know he will not make it at Spurs but it's odd that we loaned him if his contract expires next year anyway.
Edit: Tracey, Marsh, Sterling and Georgiou are the over 21s in the development squad.
CCV and Whiteman are the over 21s in the 1st team squad.
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