Spurs Youth 2020/21

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Some highly rated youngsters in that United team. Hannibal Mejbri and Shortire in particular. Whatever about our senior squad, seems a really strong year for the academy.

Shortire being said to be as good or better than Scarlett 'up north'

Only saw first half (well most of as stream froze a lot) but he didn't seem to impose himself on the game in first half. Might just be an off day for him.

Our academy first year with Scarlett, Devine and Mathurin is extremely good, perhaps the best in a decade - but none of those played. So a great result when our much less heralded u23 team (with some of its best on loan) can beat ManU 3-0
Kion Etete now has 8 goals and 2 assists (10 involvements in goals) in 18 appearances this season, 15 starts and a total of 1336 minutes - meaning a goal or assist in 133 minutes or slightly better than 2 goals or assists every 3 minutes (edit - 3 games).

Shame (from Etete's point of view) the 19 year old has 16 year old Scarlett coming up fast behind him as Etete seems to be a much better prospect than 22 year old Kaz Sterling, but it could be difficult for Etete to see game time in pre-season. Think his best option would be a League 1 loan next season.
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