Spurs Youth 2021/22

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Danny Rose at the match tonight...

Harvey was superb today.

Comfortable 4-0 win. Everton had a couple of chances. Lo-Tutala made 2 great saves and Everton hit the post. But they were more due to us making mistakes by taking risks playing the ball out the back and losing it in central areas.

It's much more calming watching the youth team play than the first team. The youth team have an identity and play that way. You can clearly see they have been playing together for a while in the same style. They are all comfortable in possession.

Chalk and cheese compared to the first team. Jose, Nuno and to an extent Conte have coached out possession from the first team players. They don't know what to do with it.

Stand out players were White and John. Markanday coming in at 3rd. I want to see these 3 in the first team squad on the weekend. They are better than the cloggers in the first team.

I would also think about starting White against Brentford. His long range passing and crossing in particular was excellent. Something that none of our midfielders have. It's actually embarrassing that a homegrown kid is better than multi million pound fully fledged internationals at basic things like switching play.

I've seen Harvey play a few times. But never as advanced as today. He almost played AM today. Normally when I've seen him play he goes into DM. Probably why he's getting more goals and assists now.


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This thread will follow the U23s, U18s and other Spurs youth teams in the various competitions and tournaments throughout the season – including the U18 Premier League, Premier League 2 (U23) and Youth Cup. If you have any information about any age group, including U16s and below that you feel is worthy of sharing: please post.

Information below courtesy of the legendary Spursidol Spursidol and I, as of 14/06/2020.


Oliver Turner14/10/200317CM/LB2020/21 intake
Roshaun Mathurin23/01/200417LM2020/21 intake
Jordan Hackett-Valton20/02/200417LB/CB2020/21 intake
Khalon Haysman05/03/200417CM2020/21 intake
Dane Scarlett24/03/200417FW2020/21 intake
Adam Hayton28/04/200417GK2020/21 intake
Dante Casanova21/06/200416RW/CM2020/21 intake
Jez Davies10/07/200416DM/CM/RB/RW2020/21 intake
Renaldo Torraj15/07/200416AM2020/21 intake
Aaron Maguire25/07/200416GK2020/21 intake
Alfie Devine01/08/200416CM2020/21 intake
Brandon Bryan-Waugh06/10/200416CB/RB2021/22 intake
Max Mcknight08/10/200416RB2021/22 intake
Jahziah Linton30/11/200416FW/CM2021/22 intake
James (Jamie) Donley03/01/200516FW2021/22 intake
William Andiyapan03/03/2005162021/22 intake
Luca Gunter23/03/200516GK2021/22 intake
Axel Piesold31/03/200516CM2021/22 intake
Alfie Dorrington20/04/200516CB2021/22 intake
Rio Kyerematen09/06/200516CM/AM2021/22 intake
Billy HeapsUnknown - 2004/05CM2021/22 intake
George AbbottsUnknown - 2004/05Winger2021/22 intake
Jaden WilliamsUnknown - 2004/05Winger2021/22 intake
Owen RileyUnknown - 2004/05AM2021/22 intake
Pele Arganese-McDermottUnknown - 2004/05CB2021/22 intake
Thomas BloxhamUnknown - 2004/05AM2021/22 intake

Development Squad

Currently Spurs’ under 23 squad for the 2021/22 season is 30+ players but some may be loaned out (loans to EFL sides can be made until mid October) or play with the first team squad :

Goalkeepers (6)
Alfie Whiteman 02/10/1998
Brandon Austin 08/01/1999
Joshua Oluwayemi 13/03/2001
Kacper Kurylowicz 02/09/2001
Thimothee Lo-Tutala 13/02/2003
Isak Solberg 28/06/2003

Defenders (12)
Timothy (TJ) Eyoma (RB/CB) 29/01/2000
Marcel Lavinier (RB/LB) 16/12/2000
Dennis Cirkin (LB) 06/04/2002
Malachi Fagan-Walcott (CB) 11/03/2002
Jubril Okedina (RB/CB) 26/10/2000
Brooklyn Lyons-Foster (CB/FB), aged 20
Tobi Omole (CB/DM) 17/12/1999
Dermi Lusala (RB/CB) 16/01/2003
Marqes Muir (CB) 21/09/2002
Maksim Paskotši (CB) 19/01/2003
Kalum Cesay (RB/DM) 04/09/2002
Jeremy Kyezu (LB/LM) 19/08/2003

Central Midfielders (7)
Harvey White (CM/DM), aged 19
Jamie Bowden (CM/DM), aged 19
Rafferty Pedder (CM), aged 19
Michael Craig (DM/CB), aged 18
Matthew Craig (CM/AM), aged 18
Nile John (CM/AM), aged 18
Yago de Santiago Alonso (CM/AM), aged 18

Attacking Midfield (6)
Dilan Markanday (AM) 19/09/2001
Elliot Thorpe (CM/AM) 09/11/2000
J’Neil Bennett (LW/RW/FW) 07/12/2001
Jeremi Mukendi (AM/FW) 12/08/2020
Romaine Mundle (AM/LW/RW) 24/03/2003
Max Robson (AM) 17/10/2002

Strikers (2)
Troy Parrett 04/02/2002
Kion Etete 28/11/2001
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Not going to do a match review as I don't know all the players by name but will give a few thoughts.

The evening was really good and had a really nice atmosphere. The locals were out in force (crowd 1421) and were in a party mood.

It was all very relaxed even the ball boys we're playing football on the side of the pitch as the game was in progress. At one point the ball went off and a Spurs player had to go and take a ball off a couple of kids having a kickabout on the sidelines. Mourinho would not have been impressed.

Never had to queue once for the toilet and we picked our match seats based on the gaps in the pigeon shit on the wooden benches. Very hard on the behind.

As for the match, as expected the Spurs lads were faster and quicker of thought than Hastings. It was very comfortable and should probably have been 5-0 to Spurs.

Hastings put in plenty of effort but we're never really at the races. As they tired there were some cynical fouls on the Spurs boys, probably through tiredness rather than malice I hope. Sure a couple would have been red carded in a normal game.

Cesay and Devine stood out. Etete is 8'7" tall (or looks it). Hard to make judgement on the overall performance based on the opposition but we were very professional and didn't react once to some industrial tackles.

All in all though, a really good night out. Good to see loads of kids, teenagers/young adults and families in attendance. Hastings fans made a good noise as well. Very enjoyable.
Not sure I can remember a player like Makanday in Spurs u21's before.

6 months ago I'd have said 'he's like Marcus Edwards, lots of skill on the ball but a lightweight right winger'.

Now he's put on a bit of muscle and become a stand in striker, he seems to have changed into a highly skilled goal scoring striker. Might be premature and fanciful but I can see a totally different player emerging - and a role model of Serge Aguero maybe ?

Obviously a huge leap to get to Serge status ...... but 5 goals in preseason, a goal and MOTM against Chelsea, followed by a hat-trick against Leeds, and the raw ingredients seem to be coming together, and that powerful accurate shooting (2nd goal v Leeds) will never go out of fashion ?

We can dream !
He'd be our first player from an Indian/Pakistani/Bangla background, right?

That would be a real boost for younger players with links to the sub-continent
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About time someone started a thread for this guy. :rolleyes:
He's got it and it just needs managing.

Hugely impressive for an 18 year old.

Really seized the opportunity when Estomian manager selected him out of nowhere to play due to injury/covid back in March and now seems to be a fixture in the international team - last night was his 7th cap. All playing against mens teams which youth footballl would never give him, so great development for him.

Great news is that he's young enough to become a Club trained player as well (he's been at Spurs on year, so this will be his 2nd year - allowing him to become a List B u21 at the end of it - so one more year after that to be considered Club trained)

I had thought last season that Spurs had finally recognised the insanity of the 'no loans' policy introduced by Poch, with Mourhino getting a number of loans, which were very welcome, although more lads could have gone on loan (including perhaps Makanday).

My general take on things is that one season playing in u23's is beneficial in competing at a higher level, but in a 2nd season youngsters learn little new, and a 3rd season (as Markanday was in) ........ just no, its time for a change in scenery as either the youngster is under performing (and should have been released) or is being held back through lack of competitive football (and playing L2, L1 against mens teams is a big step up from playing u23's against other youngsters)

So I wasn't best pleased to see how few youngsters went out on loan at start of this season (just Bowden, Etete, Parrott, Bennett and over age Whiteman) when there were probably 5 or 6 others who could/should have been loaned out. And with few minutes played in first team in the first half season, this has not been a productive season for too many of them playing u23's only.

Will we see more players going out on loan - with 25 players (including 4 goalkeepers) in the development squad, having say 10 players out on loan to gain league experience playing against mens teams whilst retaining a 15 man squad (plus academy kids playing up including Devine and Scarlett ) to play u23 football doesn't look too ambitious ?

As of today we just have two loans arranged for the 2nd half of the season - Parrott and Etete.

Meanwhile the u23's include Jack Clarke who was playing football in the Championship last season as was Harvey White playing in League 1 last season and plenty of others who could/should be out on loan.



The Fighting Cock
Really strong performance tonight. Not a bad performer but for me the stand-outs were probably Markanday, White and Clarke. I also thought Muir and Lyons-Foster (playing DM) were very impressive. But honestly everyone played well. Santiago's pressing as the striker was truly excellent and he had some good footwork on occasions too. This was a genuinely excellent team performance, as was the first half against Woolwich. Lots to work with with this group.

Apparently Mundle was injured quite badly in the warm-up and so Lavinier came in for him and Cesay played RW, whereas he was due to start LB.
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