Spurs Youth 2023/24

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Spurs Under-21s placed into Southern Group D alongside Cambridge United, Colchester United and Peterborough United.

We will face each of the three EFL clubs in our group away from home, with dates and ticket information to be confirmed in due course.

Its a great opportunity for our u21's to play a 'mens' side , hopefully good preparation for loans

It is a good opportunity. But why has the FA introduced this ? I'm not against it, just interested in the rationale
It is a good opportunity. But why has the FA introduced this ? I'm not against it, just interested in the rationale

IMO a compromise made several years ago - PL teams would like B teams in EFFL or as close as possible.

EFL teams do not want B teams but could do with more cash from PL

Compromise is u21 teams competing in EFL Cup - with funding from PL
It is a good opportunity. But why has the FA introduced this ? I'm not against it, just interested in the rationale
This format has been around since 2016-17 and I think our u21s have got out the group just once. Chelsea u21s are the only academy team to make it to a semi final on one occasion. Good few games to test themselves against a mens team but not expected to go far
I'm glad we have a new Academy Director.

But we seem to have a pretty confusing structure with, for example :

- Leonardo Gabbanini (Chief Scout) apparently responsible for recruitment of Jude Soonsup-Bell in January
- Gretar Steinsson (Performance Director) pictured beside Mikey Moore after signing his 2 year Academy Scolarship and one year pro contract (jointly a 3 year deal)
- Andy Scoulding (Head of Football Strategy) which includes developing a pathway between Youth Set up and the First Team

So I'm not sure who is responsible for what.

And one role which is certainly needed is to ensure youngsters we want out on loan are found good loans with playing time preferably at clubs with a playing style not too far different to that played at Spurs. So is that one of the above ?

One change in coaching which might be helpful is for u21's where coaching has not been good for a few years. Hopefully a change

And I'd like to see if a role could be found for Matt Wells - he had a great season as u18 coach a few years ago with something like an 80% win rate playing excellent football before being poached by Scott Parker (still between manager roles)

Not good news if he's been key to negotiating our best youngsters contracts and respected by kids parents.

Scorched earth policy by Ange?

Don't think so.

I'm not sure all jobs responsibilities well defined (see my post on previous page) , so that might be a reason for a re-org to decide one too many senior expensive manager so one has to go.

Or Maybe new CEO wanted to bring in a couple 'of his own people' ?

Just wait and see I guess
Been watching some mickey moore highlights, wow, I get the hype. Kid is like a young Grealish, maybe a little less finesse/close control but he clearly knows shoot, which IMO tends to be a weakness for a lot of silky dribbling type players.

By coincidence saw bits of Jamie Donley too, and his finishing resembles Kane a lot. I guess any aspiring striker in the academy will have watched countless hours of Kane scoring.

What sort of comp can we expect?

I would assume Touré sees something good in Mundle, and Mundle doesn't think he can progress enough with us even though we put him in the first team squad towards the end of last season. A bit sad that one of our more promising youngsters has decided to leave us, and I really do hope Postecoglou looks at the setup to see how it can improve further.

Can't answer your question, though. Sorry.

What sort of comp can we expect?

Often goes to a tribunal to decide and it's not entirely clear how they come up with a number. There will be an initial fee but there can be other things like an additional payment after X number of games or a % of profit if they sell on in the future. Given that he's never made a first team appearance, never gone on loan to a league club and also never had an International call up at any level, it wouldn't surprise me if it's a relatively low fee initially

Strong academy vibe with the new coaching staff - Ryan Mason, Matt Wells and Rob Burch all came through academy system. Wells has been on first team coaching staff, mainly with Scott Parker at Bournemouth and two european sides previously plus was a very good u18 coach before that. Burch has coached at Fulham.
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