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Radical Rei

Cheese room enthusiast
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
You've forgotten "they confront you... and call you out for being a Gooner/Chelsea Prick' or the type of newbie Spurs fan that nobody wants stinking out the place! Either way, your level of 'support' is neither wanted, or needed....

Either you're in, or you're out... sorry the ride wasn't as described in the shiny Spurs Brochure... it's proper shit being a Spurs fan sometimes... but luckily for you, you can go back to supporting whatever team you originally profess to be a 'Super-Duper Mega fan' of....

Good luck with your journey.... and best of luck against West Ham tomorrow... or is it commiserations for your defeat against Everton last night....? whatever, or whoever you support... sounds like you've had a bad weekend... Soz!
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