Steffen Freund and the Homeless World Cup

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Due to Covid_19, unfortunately the 2020 Homeless World Cup, set to be held in Tampere in Finland, was cancelled.

Instead this Sunday 5 July we will host the inaugural Homeless World Cup Day, on what was meant to be the day of the 2020 final.

Below is our schedule for the day, including England vs Scotland with commentary from ex-Monaco, Everton, and Scotland international John Collins and, fresh from netting against Chelsea on Wednesday evening, current West Ham star Michail Antonio and Mexico vs Portugal with commentary from Spurs legend Steffen Freund and ex-Portugal international Nuno Gomes.

We invite you to take your seat and enjoy just some of what the Homeless World Cup has to offer!

Head over to The Stadium - Homeless World Cup Annual Football Tournament take part in all the action!

  • 1pm - Mexico vs Portugal with commentary from Nuno Gomes (Benfica, Fiorentina, and Portugal) & Steffen Freund (Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspur, and Germany)

  • 2.30pm – Colombia vs Mexico women with commentary from Karen Carney (Woolwich, Chelsea and England) , Jason Lee (Nottingham Forest and Watford) and Terry Angus (Fulham)

  • 4pm – England vs Scotland with commentary from John Collins (Monaco, Everton, and Scotland) and Michail Antonio (West Ham and Sheffield Wednesday)
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