Strikers for next season poll

How do you see our striker situation for next season?

  • Adebayor - First Choice

    Votes: 7 8.5%
  • Adebayor - Squad

    Votes: 45 54.9%
  • Adebayor - Sell

    Votes: 30 36.6%
  • Defoe - First Choice

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • Defoe - Squad

    Votes: 37 45.1%
  • Defoe - Sell

    Votes: 42 51.2%
  • Kane - First Choice

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kane - Squad

    Votes: 45 54.9%
  • Kane - Sell

    Votes: 28 34.1%
  • Obika - First Choice

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Obika - Squad

    Votes: 38 46.3%
  • Obika - Sell

    Votes: 34 41.5%
  • Dempsey should be in this poll

    Votes: 8 9.8%
  • We need one new first choice striker

    Votes: 42 51.2%
  • We need two new first choice strikers

    Votes: 38 46.3%
  • We need one new squad striker

    Votes: 18 22.0%
  • We need two new squad strikers

    Votes: 4 4.9%

  • Total voters
Adebayor to compete with a new striker bought as and for first choice.

Kane to be given chance as backup/impact sub.

Defoe to be sold, purely from a tactical + cost/benefit POV.
Ade and Defoe should be moved on. Defoe was not good enough for us the first time around and unfairly kept Keane on the bench. Its great Defoe loves Spurs and the park lane sings his name, but if thats the criteria for playing up front then I am in with a shout. Ade's 'performances' over the season mean that is a no brainer and the youngsters are not good enough to lead the line if we are serious about top 4 and trophies. So next season we need two top class stikers in, who? I don't know, and then maybe a Jordan Rhodes or Gary Hooper as a third striker option, both proven scorers and deserve a chance at the top level........
I don't think we should just sell everyone. One of our biggest problems this season was the lack of options. We need at least 3 CFs in the squad, ideally 4. So we should keep Ade and Defoe, as long as they are not gonna throw tantrums for being benched in the big matches. If we want to qualify for CL and have another go at the EL, we need that kind of squad depth. Same goes for our attacking and central mid positions.
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