Summer 2019 transfer thread

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He looks good, but anyone can look good in a 5 second clip. You can make a fart in a spacesuit look good in a 5 second clip.........
You’ve just just proved the point that everything has its place as well though. There are people would pay good money for that setup.

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To how many?

Gomes, Tielemens, and Lo Celso wouldn't be considered homegrown yet we're linked with them. It's almost like the transfer rumors are more believable if we are linked with players that play in England.
We need eight if we want to name a 25 man squad for the CL.
Brandt would be fucking mint, and a steal price-wise.

Feels like a long shot where a phone conversation with Poch would be needed to win him over though. I don't think we'd have a chance if it weren't for our CL campaign turning a couple of heads.
The last match day will be very interesting to see wether Bayer get CL next year:

If they don't get CL, departures will be very likely
I hate to talk about them leaving but if Toby and Eriksen are leaving this window then there's two places I can see them going after the recent noise around who Barca and Real are trying to attract.

Bayern and Athletico. Both are having to completely reinvent their frontline and could use a top class CB as well. I see them as our real danger tbf.

Whiteman promoted to 3rd keeper
Young quality CB the lad from Bristol is a signing I can get behind.
Atal / semedo
2 CM's one of which can play as an "anchor" or DM. Diawara and Brandt genuinely seem available for a combined £50mbajd Brandtbfan roam further behind a lone striker.
One pure striker or wing forward (Pepe)

I know it's not that simple but imho that kind of turn around in the squad is something that could realistically retain top 4 while even looking to get closer to that gap between us and 2nd given the hoped improvements in those players.

Also... is anyone really liking Howard out on loan at Sheffield Utd from Man U? I like confidence in young players and word from his camp is he feels he can fill De Gea's boots next year.

Man Utd at this moment you'd expect would go chuck big money at Onana or someone with a high commercial profile
Thanks for history lesson. Obviously the world's better than 50, 100, 200 years ago in that respect, but since Bale left us? It seems to have gone to shit......
The point being we’re better since Bale left us. Signing him back 6 years laters does not mean we get that same talent as the one we had or Madrid have rinsed. His presence would be interesting but no guarantee he’s that world beater still.


Chess extraordinaire
The last match day will be very interesting to see wether Bayer get CL next year:

If they don't get CL, departures will be very likely
They've fucking lucked out haven't they?

Frankfurt away at Bayern, fighting for the title.
Gladbach at home to Dortmund, fighting for the title.

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