Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

Is that a starter or a main dish?
Nobody top class wants to come and sit on our bench and play only EL games and cup games. We have to be realistic

We shouldn't be taking any striker who thinks that way should we? Rather someone who want's to add quality to the squad, not just a fill in for injuries, suspensions and a busy fixture list?

The "top four" clubs don't buy strikers who think that way so why should we?


Where's the Kaboom?
Levy can literally fuck off and take ENIC with him if he even contemplates this. I would rather recall Parrot than buy that useless donkey Benteke. Can’t believe what a shambles this is. Spend 2 years to get in a decent back up striker, then wait for Son to get injured only to go in for Benteke. What a joke.
Do you believe every little rumour that some attention seeking bellend posts on twitter?
Here we go! Kim Min-Jae left out of Beijing Guoan squad today.

People are going to disagree, but he is a smarter move for me than Skriniar. I have seen more of Kim in all honesty because I watch the Korean national team and I like what I see in him. Plus he is cheap.

I would rather have low risk, high reward than high risk situations. The posters I tend to agree with on player evals seem to be weary of Skriniar.

My biggest issue is that our back line looks exceptionally weak because we lack a defensive minded mid. I cannot believe we have gone another window with Winks being out main option.
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