Tanguy Ndombele

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ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
People on here mocking the fact a Spurs player tested positive some even borderline celebrating as it means he won’t play for us soon. Utterly shameful for a guy who’s done nothing wrong to date bar get injured

Massive Conte

Time for Mourinho to stop being a dumb cunt and start Ndombele.

If he burns out at 60 minutes, fine. Bring on a sub. He is too good for 10 minute cameos at the end of games, anyone who disagrees with that is a cockwomble.

Just thinking about his problem with motivation...

I wonder what Ossie thinks to that? He and Ricky came to a newly promoted team that had no other foreign players, let alone Spanish speakers. To a country that wasn't as remotely cosmopolitan as it is today. Then throw in your new country going to war with your homeland, your cousin being one of the first killed, the dog's abuse from the terraces...

Yet you never, ever complain, never whine about adapting or being unmotivated. You become one of the club's most beloved players, both within the team and among the fans. You gain the respect and even love of fellow professionals and fans from other teams.

All this earning far, far less than Ndombele and the like do (and being far, far further from home).

"Sorry Keith/Peter, my head's not right". Yeah, right, as if.

Ndombele and his ilk are nowt but pampered fucking cunts in comparison
I don't normally come on here and slag players off but this bastard absolutely boil my piss. What an absolute fucking thief. How dare he go out there and amble around like that then have the temerity to walk off the pitch as slow as he could when he got subbed. Fair enough he doesn't want to be here anymore, and seemingly never has, but show a bit of fucking respect. There will have been kids at that game whose mums and dad's probably can't normally afford to take them while he pockets his 100,000 a week or whatever he is probably on. Get this fucking rotten apple gone. Problem is who will buy him when he has shown what he is about?


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Don't get people slagging the guy off for being hurt. He doesn't want to be hurt. He's dealing with a groin injury which are notoriously finnicky.

He said last week that he didn't feel comfortable with it, he got called out for, decided to play then and played until he aggregavated the injury again.

He's absolute class when he's out there, just let him get healthy.
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