Tanguy Ndombele

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Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
I know an estate agent in Wood Green, reckoned some French feller is looking at terraced property round there. Said he was minted but "wanted to keep it real, y'feel me?"

Well NWHL has got the biggest terrace in the country, so....... :levyeyes:


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Not surprised by Juve links.

Juve were always going to be our biggest competition and I still think he'll end up going there because Aulas is Aulas.


To dare is too dear
If it's between us and Juve and Levy is involved then we might as well just close this thread right now because Juve will blow us out of the water in terms of transfer fee and wages.

That being said, maybe the player power will be the deciding factor in this instance.

He aint going to Juve

This always happens right before we sign a player.

There's one last scare that freaks everyone out
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