Tanguy Ndombele

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Just can't see us shifting the club record signing after one fitness and pandemic marred season. The idea of it is pretty shitty. Give him a chance to get something of a proper season under his belt.

Ndombele is gonna be alright, and all his doubters are gonna feel like tits.
To win things you need players that can do things other players cannot. like Gazza, Hoddle etc. They win matches for you although they need backup players like Winks. With Eriksen gone there are only Kane and to a lesser extent Son capable of winning a match for you by doing something special. Lo Celso looks promising but is not there yet. N'dombele could also be that special player as I have seen him beat players and create space. Taarabt was also that kind of a player. Will N'dombele be the next Eriksen or Gazza or maybe a flop as Taarabt. unless an offer that we cannot refuse comes in then we must give him a chance and see if he can step up.
My old football coach always said that I can do things other players cannot or don’t even think about. I don’t think he was praising me though hence almost of my non existent professional career has been spent on football forums
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