Tanguy Ndombele

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Freedom from Samsara
Le Parisien report this afternoon that Paris Saint-Germain will need to sell a midfielder before they are able to bring in Tottenham Hotspurs’ Tanguy Ndombele, a scenario which appears increasingly difficult.

PSG would need to take on the player’s full salary for the hypothetical loan deal – amounting to €1m a month – although Spurs are willing to let him go.

As a result, in order to land the former Lyon man the club would need to alleviate the wage bill by letting go of one of their current midfielders – for instance Paredes, Herrera, Gueye, Danilo Pereira, or Wijnaldum, although none of the aforementioned are looking to leave.

Bullshit, IMO, as we could cover 100% of his wages, but add that to the loan fee, no?


ENIC hokey cokey
Loan with an op.
That'll do.
He will thrive there.
Hope he scores and assists every single game and really looking forward to TFC posters saying they were right all along and he is a genius.

You really want Ndombadboy to be any more insufferable than he is? You REALLY want that?
Aulas has waited years for this sweet moment of victory over Levy. Now he finally has his revenge for us stealing Lloris from him. He stole £60m of our money and now we are giving him back the player too.

Just glad to be rid of him. Please let him do enough to stay there permanently so we don’t have to ever speak of him again.
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