The 1901 Cup Final

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A pic of the Sheff Utd team. Foulke sort of stands out!

What I am wondering is why Mr Spock is there standing on the right?

It's been nice chatting Carlitto, I don't understand why everyone doesn't get you. It's obvious you are Cantona in disguise, must run.


The Fighting Cock
Is it possible that you're taking this all a bit too seriously? No one is judging you. Apart from Carlito, he's definitely judging you. As he should.
I don't know whose great grandfather that monster at :06 is, but it certainly isn't Aaron Lennon's.

Or is that Fatty Foulke, then?
Wikipedia said:
reports on his weight vary.
Perhaps his weight also varied…
That's brilliant stuff BB.

I love the quote 'Foulkes is marvellously agile for his twenty stone'.

That's huge now, but in those days when people were generally shorter and lighter that's massive.
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