The 1901 Cup Final

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Not very Spursy.

ha ha, like a dog with a bone.

Reminds me of Wengers presser earlier:

You will have to remind of Wengers presser, being a Spurs(y) fan I don't find myself getting too wrapped up up with that prick. Obviously the Arse lovers always tune in, I'm guessing that's where you come in.
So, what was said RED. :dempsey:
Its a geek off.

"I have never been to a game but I have a fully intact; still in its plastic; programme of the 1932 league cup 3rd round clash with Aldershot Town, or Aldershot FC as they were known back then" *Nasal voice*

i was going to join this forum , (1st post) but this f*ckhead has kept me away , been a Spurs
fan since 1978 , live in Australia , 1st generation Aussie , my whole family Edmonton born , all Spurs ,
i have spent over 50 grand flying to the UK every year since i started earning a pay check (1986) just
to watch Spurs home and away (2-4 games per visit) thousands of dollars on kits etc .. and thanks to
the internet i have collected over 500 programs , including every 1950-51 & 1960-61 home and
away yet i am deemed not SPURSY enough for this pillock , give me a f*cking break , i bet Carlito
eats McDonalds but isn't from Arkansas , maybe drives a Ford but not from Detroit , absolute


The Fighting Cock
I didn't like him at first but he made me realise that's simply because I'm not Spursy enough. Once you accept your own Spursyness levels will never be on a par with Carlito you can start to enjoy his posts a lot more.

Now I strive everyday to be a little more like Carlito. He really has shown me the way, I owe him a lot.
this kind of thinking reminds me of the Australian cricket teams followers , the fanatics ,
just because i didn't want to go to Bangladesh i was deemed a fair weather fan , even
though i had been to India x 2 , Sri Lanka , West Indies x 2 , England x 2 , Sth Africa , NZ , 3 world cups ,
miss one tour and you are a pariah


The Fighting Cock
Is it possible that you're taking this all a bit too seriously? No one is judging you. Apart from Carlito, he's definitely judging you. As he should.
Hi Can anyone tell me if the ball used in the 1901 Cup final still exists, i have read that it has been donated to the club museum by John Kirwan`s family quite recently. i would like to get a photo of it if i can. Thanks
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