The entire Saudi Arabian soverign, population and government.. AKA Newcastle (A) 1630KO

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Yeah I agree but I'm not talking about that, he's disappearedup his own arse over the last few years but he's very good when he's not talking about Man Utd as he doesn't show his bias and he's very good at dissecting and analying the modern game, the fact that he's the best or one of speaks volumes of how bad the rest of our pundits are.

Pretty much sums up why I usually go for a shit at HT rather than watch them. Problem is, sometimes he's in the commentary box.
It's absolutely mental some of the agenda driven shite on here it really is :D

There was about 3 errors in that goal, we obviously were trying to settle into the game.
Seriously just stop paying the weird ones any attention . Soon they will be walking the streets in a pair of brown ill fitting pants held up by a string belt chuntering under their breath about deep space mole men gravy rhubarb TANGUY N'DOMBELE!
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Okay, maybe I’m being a bit over sensitive. I’ll post the picture

Genuinely thanks for posting that ... THIS SHIT (and those doing it) NEEDS TO BE SEEN, so it can be shamed!
Bleeping out the offensive words don't disguise the fact those words have been spoken... Air brushing out or pixilating the 'gestures' for "fear of offence" only protects those MAKING those gestures!
I say make a fucking billboard of this cunt and drive it ROOND TOON until someone recognises him!
Worst thing is... He fucking looks the type doesn't he?!

Maybe he was waving to a friend in the crowd like Di Canio did that time...



He has a lot of mates....
VERY POPULAR GUY that Di Canio... what a maverick... Sorry, Fascist Prick... Bloody auto correct!

No wonder West Ham & Lazio fans loved him... ONE OF THEIR OWN!!!
Hard to say but possibly a difference between the NUFC and CFC one is the the latter is video that has been paused, which is notorious unreliable - any football fan could be caught "hailing" (as opposed to heiling) from a still frame and thus accused.

The former is a still photo - if the bloke was doing some harmless Nooocassssel song in his impenetrable dialect, then why would it have been taken? It might also be suspected that he repeated the Zieg Heil or held the pose long enough for the photographer to get the shot, if not the likelihood is that it would have been over in a couple of seconds before they could snap away.

In supporting evidence I would point to the straightness of the arm and hand and the compactness of the fingers, both more characteristic of a Heil as opposed to a hail, as well as the steeliness of the gaze.

Have you ever thought of taking up Law???
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