The Europa League appreciation thread

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Stay classy JT. Stay classy.

I honestly cannot think of a bigger cunt in football.
considering the whole villa crowd cheered when he went off injured at the weekend, shows how hated he is by everyone. It was villa, there's no local rivalry yet they still hate him cos he's a grade a cuntflap
But thats the norm....dont you have to defend it?
Nope. I imagine if they had finished outside the European places in the league, they probably would have been given automatic entry into the EL, like they did this season with the CL. But since they are already qualified for the better competition, somebody else gets their spot probably.
So I keep seeing these images bragging about how Chelsea are the first club to win both major European Cups in the same year. I don't know if it has dawned of them that that's because most defending Champions League winners aren't so shit that they get knocked out at the group stages.


Seriously, I've been going to sleep early to avoid the Woolwich and Chelsea games only to wake up, read the score and have my entire day ruined, fairly sure I've had nightmares about football too these last two days. End of season can't come quickly enough.


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
And worst of it all - those fat chav qunts will be singing THAT song for another season at least


Belgian Spur

football isnt fair , it truly isnt. Bayern and Benfica deserved to win but these cunts are just too lucky to be true.

apparantly there were a lot of Belgian and Dutch Hooligans around the ground trying to pick fights with the Chelski fans , they didn't bother with the Benfica fans because apparantly Chelski fans are more fun to brawl with.

I hate football most of the time but this time of a season i hate it even more vividly than i normally do.
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