The Impact of Covid on Spurs & Football

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I'm sure they'll trigger some 3 months extension or something

But yes - teams who are safe from relegation and with no chance of Europe probably give less than 2 fucks other than having to repay millions in TV rights which I presume is the main driver here
Yes, short extensions have been approved by the necessary footballing bodies afaik, but it's a two way street.... Players have gotta be agreeable too.

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Has a 5 months old son who has had breathing difficulties.

You can see where he’s coming from, be interesting to see how watford play this one.

Time off unpaid? Or reduced wages? Furlough him On £2500 a month?? He can always sell his Lambo I guess.
It's a very interesting dilemma.

Obviously Deeney should not play if he does not feel comfortable about the safety of his family.

I see the club's side, why should we pay him for games when he's not playing?

But it's also the onus of the club and league to provide a safe work environment.

Hopefully they come to some agreement.

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Sonny training-no quarantine it seems.
Moura needs to have a word with Andros Townsend.
presumably just got tested and came up negative. no need to quarantine in those circumstances you'd assume.

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Where's the Kaboom?
I find myself not caring about this season. Its fucked and tainted, and when you consider the euros being moved, they are looking at a 12 month season now..the remainder of this bolted onto next.p

Most of the media are peddling this "morale of the nation" horseshit praying that they get in enough games for the dippers to win the title.

The Government is peddling the "morale of the nation" horseshit cos they know that football will distract from the shitty job they've done.

They should be working towards next season. If the tv companies are making noise, offer them every game live for next season.(they can do it. Amazon managed it for whole round of matches).
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