The magnificent seven a year on

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I was hoping he would make something of the Magnificent Seven comparison since he used it.

Chadli is Bernardo. Tough, dependable. Not flash but gets the job done.

Soldado is Lee. Broken man living on his reputation who finds his mojo just minutes before he gets killed.

Eriksen is Vin. Flash, young, quick on the draw.

Capoue is Harry Luck, the seventh one that you can never remember.

Lamela is Chico, the brash but foolish kid who learns fast enough to stay alive and stays with the villagers after everyone else leaves.

Problem is we don't have Chris, the Leader, who makes it all come together. Could turn out to be Stambouli, but unlikely ... he doesn't have the full set of skills.

And we don't have Britt, tough and mean. Quiet but deadly. Definitely not Paulinho or Chiriches.


The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars
Loved the article Dan, thanks.

The, "Vlad Chiriches is probably the most Tottenham player to ever play for Tottenham", statement made me laugh.

Furball man

"we basically replaced a whole side, again, over a period of 3 years & had 3 coaches in the last 12 months . "

Says it all for me, different coaches have different ideas, require different staff. There's more stability in a Francium isotope & that's down to a certain little bald chap
Big Dan needs 66 million for Eriksen and Lamela to break even. He is in a tight corner to break even there. Still, you gotta trust ole Levy. He'll pull it off somehow

A year ago, no chance. With inflated fees and Lamela v2.0 running about, it probably wouldn't be such a chore for him.

The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Lamela the last one to go, who would of thought

More value than people give credit for, big fat Chadli was great and was surprised we sold him, Paulinho scored some goals but was a pussy and we made a profit on him, Chiriches was the Romanian Foyth brilliant with the ball but wank at defending, Capoue was solid but was part of Adebayors gang, Eriksen was obviously brilliant, Lamela is a cult hero and gave us fans so many beautiful times, Soldado is the one that just didn't work out, but if he did we might not of seen Harry Kane
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