The Merseyside Derby

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That could be a bad one for VD. The movements they were doing on his leg were to check for instability caused by ligament damage and they seemingly found some. Or they're just being ultra cautious.


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Everton win surely best result for us.

Just don't see any world in which they're title contenders, especially with Pickford being such a liability. We had a shite day when we played them and their other 3 matches were games you'd have expected them to win. The media were getting massively carried away with them.

Likewise people were getting massively carried away after the Villa match. Liverpool still very much clear favourites to win title unfortunately, (although clearly very beatable... especially if Vdv is going to be out for a while).

Win or Draw would be perfectly fine.

Everton going further ahead doesn't really worry me THIS early on - I don't think they have the depth and I still think their defence and goalkeeper is suspect (Funnily enough, all things I said about Leicester) but 2 losses on the bounce for Liverpool could be very worrying for them. Start to doubt themselves etc.

Draw is cool too because well, both drop points.
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