The Merseyside Derby

Andy Roberston is such a dirty little clogger.

Hate him

Well, he is Scottish.

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Glad its tied.

Shocked that a useless plug like DCL is allowed to have a free header in the middle of the box. His luck this season is unreal.
Amazing that James is able to immediately get the energy to shout out at the ref once the whistle went after lying on the ground as though he had been shot for a few minutes before that.
I hate Liverpool but that is a horrible and stupid "tackle" from Richarlison.

Not surprised to see James whine about it to the ref though. I like him as a player but he has been awful with the whining today, Should be given a red for all his dissent.
And that is why Liverpool will win the League, so many lucky results like this coupled with the wins they will get from the refs later in the season.

That is a killer combination to try and overcome for the other teams.
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