The Mighty Spurs vs. Northern Horse Beaters

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One Newcastle fan punches a horse one time = Newcastle fans punch horses.

Is football bigotry the most acceptable form of bigotry.

Yes, yes it is.

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Its not often that we are in this position where we can feel a little smug.
Shouldn't we be focused on tax dodgers first before Sunday...

We will need to be100 per cent on Sunday and there is no reason why we will not get the win. They have not suddenly become a good side. A crowd that's loud and proud, an early goal and 3 pts is ours. We mustn't lose focus and keep on our game. COYS
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ChiTownSpurs ChiTownSpurs With a heavy heart I will be returning to the pub for this one so we probably won't win

was forced to as family in town and they want to see the Atlantic, hopefully some better luck comes with it!

A scratchy 3-0 win

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