The Mighty Spurs vs. Northern Horse Beaters

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You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
ILSpur ILSpur comes in here acting like a child. We had just moved on from this nonsense. But from your Username I can't blame you. Non-Chicago Illinois residents are like Neanderthals. Probably voted for Rauner you sick son of a bitch.
HOW DARE YOU, SIR! I may be a neanderthal, but your Rauner jibe is completely unjustified.

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Bloody hell what is going on now!!!

Seems like this bad result has kicked off months of pent up resentment and frustration, with resident heel Gibbs out the equation it's all gone crazy!!

I will be doing a road trip around America before I fly home for Christmas to personally visit each of the forum members and calm them down.

it seems the avatar of PhillyHotspur PhillyHotspur has become the epicenter of this rage so he did the right thing and took down the bow tie. To get a rise out of ILSpur ILSpur and CousinEddie CousinEddie is pretty impressive.

Ok first stop, tea and cake with Geof Geof looking over some of his old memorabilia, a bastion of long term suffering as a Spurs fan he is!

Cheers Mensa. Looking forward to the summary of tonight's episode.


Should we all just measure dicks so in future we can turn to captain long dick and agree that his opinion is the correct one? We can make a table of seniority based on dick length. We could even add a second table based on girth. I think it would let us all know where we stand! :freund:

Or not.... :vdvdive:
If you really think it will help, I'm willing to try.

But like you said, my opinion is the correct one. Period.


Listen mate - if you wanna take a few days off around Christmas and need someone to look after the forum, I'd be happy to help out. I just need to know how the 'delete user account' and 'sin-bin user for life' buttons work

Have a wonderful festive season
Did you ever get that job?

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