The mighty Tottenham Hotspur v. Crystal Palace

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Finally back after horrendous traffic both ways. All the signs were pointing at a bad evening for me. M25 fucked. Missed the start. Lingering depression from the semi defeat. Bitterly cold, dark, gloomy evening. Memories of Spurs collapses past. A lot of moaning old fans around me. Plucky opponents drooling at the chance to upset another big team. Allardyce and his anti football. But fuck me, we stuck at it and showed some character. This was a hugely impressive victory for the team and the club. We have grit and determination. We have strength and bottle. We can win ugly. Eriksen was immense. Palace are a shit tinpot club with a miserable footballing terrorist as a manager. Their intimidating fans too... all ten of them with their stupid flags. Fuck off. South London has cunts teams. Another one to dispatch on Sunday. COYS. Beer and pies were alright. Goodnight.


I was so squashed into the crowd I didn't notice the cold at all
There were a lot more fans than seats where I was. Shocking mess of a stadium but I actually loved it. Happy to serve beers as I rocked up late. No problems with us standing throughout.
Great piss up, all day.
As said earlier, far too many bods in our row.
But, who care's? 3 points
Poxy journey back home.
Onwards and upwards
Spurs army

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A potential banana skin overcome, and a tactical masterpiece of a game plan change by Poch.

I don't think Lloris made a single second half save to the extent that Levy should dock him his match day fee. How the fuck Fat Sams side ran over Chel$ea, Woolwhich and Why Always Us is beyond me but one thing i would do if i were Poch and Levy is put all my chips in on Zaha in the Summer. He was quite outstanding and at times rang rings around Walker, something that i didn't think i'd be saying this season.

By the way i think that Benteke has scored in each of his last five games but aside from one weak first half shot was oblivious to the proceedings. In short a lump of wood better served as a clothes prop.

Finally the shite that these TV pundits spew about Spurs bottling it, is beyond a fucking joke and when they realise that we have kept clean sheets in fifteen of our PL games this season (almost fifty percent) then perhaps they will give this team, and it's managerial staff the credit it duly deserves.

We may not win the title, but no one should doubt that we are playing the best football in the Premier League.

Was very pleased with half-time subs. One of my biggest criticisms of Poch over the years is that he always waits until about 75 minutes when the substitution will have very little chance of making an impact on the game. More of this when things are glaringly wrong with our first half performances, please!
I do agree, but I think he was ore or less forced into both sub's
dembele was injuired from about the 40 min, and clearing signalled to the bench that he was done,
wanyama was booked then spoken to twice before half time by the ref so was walking a tightrope of being sent off
also wanyama has not passed the ball well since he came back from injury, tacklings ok but passing short or long is awful at the moment
It was a tough game, same as the West Ham game will be, its their cup finals when they play us,
felt we had a few players heads that had been turned with transfer headlines this week, walker was poor, dele was not at it, kept going down easily
Kane worked hard and could not hold on to the ball until C/h went off injuied, then he held and moved with the ball
well done for the win
just anything, sissoko & Eriksen time wasted well, something that Walker could learn from as in last minute walker broke down wing then put cross in, which goalie got and started there attack, he should have run to corner flag and run the clock down
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He was very good, strong, pace, tricky, good control. He is the biggest player at a small club where he is though, would he look as good in the Spurs team alongside the likes of Eriksen, Kane, Dele etc. or would it be a bit more like Siggy where he is good but not really raising us up a level? I donno, just asking the question. I have been impressed with him in recent weeks whereas earlier this season really didn't want it to happen.
Good point. Also away for the the nervy stress of the moment what actual damage did he cause us? For instance Townsend had me on edge yesterday but we know how frustrating he was on a week by week basis.

I'd be interested to have him and see what Poch can do with him but he could definitely go either way.


Ledders' Bredda
Good point. Also away for the the nervy stress of the moment what actual damage did he cause us? For instance Townsend had me on edge yesterday but we know how frustrating he was on a week by week basis.

I'd be interested to have him and see what Poch can do with him but he could definitely go either way.
They'd likely ask for more than 30 mill and he's not worth that at all. I'd rather wait a year and see if Marcus Edwards can break into the team.

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Why have I got the feeling that Sissoko is going to get the winner.?
Kane was solid and Eriksen deserved MOM with that goal, but I thought Verts was absolutely superb tonight and has been since coming back from injury. Walker was much improved in 2nd half. We completely bossed that 2nd half and they had no reply, even I could have gone in goal. As much as the 4 - 0 games were impressive, this was equally impressive for different reasons. Our team can mix it anyway it chooses, and teams just cant handle us most of the time.

Awesome Spurs, just awesome. Keep it going, 5 games left and you never know.

Was thinking that Jan was by a good margin our MotM, ahead of Dier, until Eriksens goal and overall second half performance. Verts has, imo, been our most consistent great performer this season. Despite the 2017 form of Kane, Alli and Eriksen, I hold Jan as my PotY.
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