The mighty Tottenham Hotspur vs. Burnley

I wouldn't drop anyone at the moment. I'd continue to introduce Winks from the bench midway through the 2nd half as an impact sub. I'm really excited with what the future holds for him but feel the system and personal we are starting games with at the moment is bringing out good, consistent performances. I can see Janssen starting against Burnley as Son is over the other side of the world, other than that same as today although obviously I'd love to see Rose back.
Players should start on merit, I would play him in place of Eriksen to give him a rest and because Winks deserves a start.
Plus we need a Harry in the team
Janssen because Son will have travelled but otherwise same team. We play 3 games in a week and Dembele can be rested for Winks against Swansea.
This is a match Pochettino will need to take seriously tactical wise. Burnley have the worst away record in the league, but that has not affected their collective motivation at home to grind out draws and wins.3 teams have beaten them at home, that includes Swansea , Woolwich and man city..All by only a margin of one goal.

They are very good at parking the bus, and disrupting distribution from the back and have achieved a draw against Chelsea who also play a similar style to us with 3 at the back.
They are aggressive in tackling, defense and good with defending aerial threats. Forcing teams to go out wide.They will attempt to catch us with counter attacks and central long balls We will also go centrally though.

Unlike many other teams i reckon we have that physical strength to beat them in midfield and bully them, especially Barton.
I think is a game that could be useful to use Sissoko, I am not sure though. If it is not working after the hour mark Poch should change tactics.
The same as against Southampton. If people are keen to play Janssen then straight swap for Son. Unless Poch can identify something tactically and needs to change formation, keep it the same. I want to see Wanyama and Dier agsinst Barton.
I wish we wouldn't disrespect other teams with stupid thread titles. Burnley folk have had it tough over the past 40 years, and this kind of shit gives us a bad name. It's not even based on anything real. It makes us look like illiterate bigots.
I feel like this is going to be a tough match as with Southampton this past weekend. I would feel more comfortable switching it up if it wasn't after an international break though- somehow I feel we will be a bit rusty...

I guess I would keep the same lineup, but maybe let's see if we can get Janssen and Winks each on around 60' this time around? Sissoko or [insert name here] on around 80' too to get some minutes.
Burnley is the one team we have always had very good relations with at board level and I think the reference to sheep should removed.Also with reference to Preston from the original op you do know where we get our colours from I hope.
The sad thing is we have to make things like "Sheepgate" last two weeks due to the boring internationals...

***Desperately scratches round for more material***

Defoe is a great player, definitely deserves his call up, will Southgate pick him? Yawn

Ironically, the last team they lost to at home in the PL was that lot down the road. Hopefully they don't get on well with North London sides.
Hopefully we don't need a handball and offside winner after injury time had expired to get the 3pts like them lot.
THFC-Israel THFC-Israel , just a polite request...
It's time to change the thread title please!

For those who know their History,
"Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur"
has a certain classy ring to it.... (and yes, I did change the font to emphasise the point!

Don't ruin with mentions of Sheeps (sic.)

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