The Non League Football Thread.

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Where Poch made us dare... José made us poo..
He wasn't there that long, and a lot of that was in lockdown. Financial issue maybe?
Think so. Reading online, most Stones fans think there is a lot more that has gone on behind the scenes

Apparently he doesn't seem to have been the same since Barnet tried to take him.



Up The Spurs!
I’m amazed more clubs haven’t gone under but I guess some of the government support e.g. furlough has helped a tiny bit. My non league interests are lower down the pyramid but it’s the same story. These clubs are all crucial assets for communities so you’d like to think the footballing world could support them.

Petition signed btw.


Where Poch made us dare... José made us poo..
A lot of clubs not happy with this at all.

National League Statement | Non-Fulfilment Of Fixtures​

By Oliver Osborn

A statement from The National League:​

Many things have been written regarding charges recently raised in connection for non-fulfilment of fixtures under League Rules.

It may be helpful to explain that this process is merely a mechanism for the League to deal with each of the occasions for non-fulfilment. No fines or sanctions have been raised or recommended and this will be considered at the next stage.

An Independent Panel will be appointed to hear each case and it will be at this stage the issue of “just cause” as outlined in the rule will be objectively assessed in each case based on the evidence before them.

In the interest of fairness of all parties, the cases will not be heard until such time as the outcome of the resolutions are known.

It is important that the framework in place is followed in a consistent manner in all cases and Clubs are able to make their representations appropriately and fairly.

The League will not make any comment during the process on individual cases in fairness to all Clubs but will issue the outcomes and reasons for the decisions following their conclusions.

Should Clubs remain unsatisfied with the outcome they will also all have the opportunity to appeal the decision directly to The Football Association which will be heard by a further Independent Panel in line with The FA Rules and Regulations.


Confirmed that remaining National League North and South games are all cancelled and the season declared null and void.
About bloody time. Loans were no good at all for those clubs. I don’t know if League 1 down to National league are getting grants, but if not it would make sense to me to cancel all of that too.
The decisions on the National League were based on a vote among the clubs. The National League voted to continue the season, the National League South and North voted to cancel the season.

The national league vote was 13-7 in favour of carrying on, which is a pretty clear majority.

The north and south decided to vote together and I guess that is a bit more controversial. The total vote was 25-18 in favour of cancelling the season, but within that a majority of clubs from the South voted in favour of continuing (12-9) but the clubs in the North voted heavily to cancel (16-6), which was decisive.

TalkSport spoke to Boreham Wood and Hemel Hempstead, so it is a southern perspective they got.
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