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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
I fear that Flav started by championing fans via 1882 and derided stuff like AFTV. Going full time may face a backlash that he’s joined Robbie. However the recent Poch edition was superb, so maybe it’s a question of maturity and evolution.

This.... I'm entirely aware i'm not old skool TFC but seen similar over and over....

What's the other option?

Stay the same and face accusations of staleness and be left trading as a 'nostalgia' act..

The trick is evolving in tune with ones audience at a rate the suits venture and audience.

Since ive been listening there's been an increase in the amount of serious content, more written articles, more socials, the advent of the extra inch and a number of really good specials.... (The contracts special was top draw content imo!)

None of the personalities involved are overbearing... I understand the dick jokes and stuff aren't for everyone but rather than becoming more juvenile, as a broader project i'd say it's 'growing up'.

Regular listeners will likely note that they often discuss the idea of the non-footy stuff branching off for it's own show anyway....

Re: monetisation... As long as we're not bombarded with ads and the content isn't compromised then good luck to the lads... Just means things can keep rolling as outgoings inevitably keep creeping up.
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Genius, in lean no game times turning on the pod and creating a civil war would be perfect to tide us over, keep going!!!


To be fair the Heung Min Son thread had turned in to an abbattoir and I needed to direct my energies elsewhere, not sure it quite went the way I hoped..

Though I do feel a bit more like giving Windy a friendly reassuring hug without inappropriate touching.


Eric sends his regards
Love the pod, and I'm a 30%er.
Shit does get real strange sometimes, but I find it funny. Some of the questions people send in, I worry about those people tbh!
Good bunch on there, fairly balanced not too much hype or too much doom and gloom if we lose.
In fact they always ease the pain if we lose.
Yeah, I remember Flav calling this place a hellmouth...I call windy a moany cunt and my psychological reasoning is called into question... sorry if I upset his sensibilities, we use cunt over here so much it can be used as a term of affection. He obviously knows a lot about the kids and I'm sure his rant about KWP, if I recall, came from frustration and I'm sure he regretted saying it, but it didn't sit well with me...


I loved the 1882 games.

I'm on old cunt but I only missed 2. One of which was the first one and it was too short notice for me to make.

The games at Underhill and the Youth Cup Semi at the Chavs were brilliant nights.

An U18 Vs Fulham at Dagenham gets an honourable mention if only for the...and 37 is Harry Kane chant. The longest in recorded THFC history.


I have probably listened to the pod around half a dozen times but then I doubt very much that I am the targeted demographic.

Some of them are better than others but quite an enjoyable listen on the whole and I do try and listen to the whole thing although I don't particularly find drug taking, fecal banter and wanking stories particularly entertaining but then I am almost a sexegenarian.

As for Flav monetising TFC well it is his baby so he can do what he likes with it. It will of course take away a bit of the maverick/punk vibe which is a shame and over time become more 'corporate' which is a natural evolution.

In 24 months time he will be voting Tory.
the chat about football was good tbf and Windy and Bardy & T were all great but there was way too much other non football bullshit. just puerile stuff, stopped listening. if they did a pod that was 90% + of actual football talk, I'd listen again.
I genuinly enjoy the pod. Sometimes they are a bit too laddish but it doesnt really bother me. Windy's updates are very interesting and to the point. Keep on going please!

I also still enjoy the Spurs Show.
I loved the pod, never had a prouder day than when they actually had a question of mine on it. I don't really know why I went off it, one day came along and I just thought fuck it and I just stopped.
I fear that Flav started by championing fans via 1882 and derided stuff like AFTV. Going full time may face a backlash that he’s joined Robbie. However the recent Poch edition was superb, so maybe it’s a question of maturity and evolution.
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