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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
I fear that Flav started by championing fans via 1882 and derided stuff like AFTV. Going full time may face a backlash that he’s joined Robbie. However the recent Poch edition was superb, so maybe it’s a question of maturity and evolution.

Also.... AFTV monetises their misery...

Thats a far cry from what i hear from the lads each week.
I love the podcast and everyone who has ever been on it.
It is the best Spurs podcast by far and I listen to it all the time.
Flav is great and Windy is too.

Hope they both make lots of money from talking shit and analysing stuff.

Case is the business too. King of the forums for sure.

*(I am very aware they know exactly who I am and exactly where I live)

We all know you're saying this for a free case of Beer 52 and a free £20 bonus from Fansbet....


Anyone else pleasantly surprised Spurs Official adverts are on there too?
Just seems weird to me that you're posting on the forum of a podcast which you know we all post on and read, someone's posted a largely positive and interesting thread asking about the evolution of the podcast, and you've basically gone 'it's shit, mate, and that Windy's a cunt'. You're shitting on something a lot of people on here enjoy, and obviously that's gonna ruin my day if I read it, and the chances are I'm going to read it. Spoiler: I read it. Would you come up to me in the street and call me a cunt? I highly doubt it. So why post it here? What did you hope to achieve other than deliberately bringing someone down (and let' be honest, that's a very weird thing to set out to do)?

When your mates tell you about their passions in life do you get in their faces and say 'THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S REALLY SHIT, HE'S A CUNT, YOU'RE A CUNT, THE PEOPLE YOU LIKE ARE CUNTS'? Again, I doubt it.

It's not about me being beyond criticism - I get plenty of that, some constructive and some not. It's about what you are adding to an argument, a conversation, the universe.

Tbh I'm disappointed in myself that I've wasted ten minutes on a Saturday night replying to this. Crack on, ArtyB.

Love your work WindyCOYS WindyCOYS . The site, independent of the Pod has a combative nature that has taken on a life of it's own. Strangely enough within the context of the site and the rest of the discussions that are in play ArtyB ArtyB 's dig out is much less the fuck you, you might think it is. This site permits full and franks exchanges where the only brakes are when enough people have had enough the plug gets pulled.

The phrase "Cunt off," is well known here but I can't imagine a scenario where I interject it into a real world conversation.
Remember when the guys on the pod posted on the forum? Maybe a commentary on how they feel the forum has evolved into something they want very little to do with. If that’s the case, and I don’t blame them one little bit, it’s easy to see how the pod isn’t the be all for a lot of forum users.
When your mates tell you about their passions in life do you get in their faces and say 'THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S REALLY SHIT, HE'S A CUNT, YOU'RE A CUNT, THE PEOPLE YOU LIKE ARE CUNTS'? Again, I doubt it.
I do if they are gooners...

Didn't exactly say that to you though....
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Everyone's a precious cunt.

Do whatever the fuck you want.

You wanna monetise it. Do it. You wanna make puerile jokes. Do it. You wanna call Windy a pedo. Do it. Windy wants to call you a cunt. Do it. You wanna piss and moan on a forum. Do it.

Who honestly gives a fuck.
Stop being precious mate
I am a precious hypocrite.

Never understood the outright cuntyness of some people when they talk about podcasts (not to call out any individuals, just thinking in general)

I've listened to podcasts for nearly 10 years, the reason being they're a few/group of people talking in a casual manner about a subject they're passionate about. It's like sitting in a pub and listening into a conversation, if I wanted polished talk with a limit to what subjects can be spoken about I'd listen to the radio or a main stream companies pod. Of course there's place for constructive criticism, sound quality, a guest not gelling right. But to just outright bad mouth parts or all of it is just pointless. It's free, don't waste your time if you don't enjoy it. But why the need to say it that in a blunt manner I will never understand.
Was a 30% but stopped listening to the pod around Christmas when they had those horrible Skype pods, never got back to listening as I found I didn't miss them...never got into the Extra Inch pods as they were really fucking dry and boring and the discovery that Windy is actually a moany cunt who would rather have our youngsters leave the club...

I think we've got to a stage where we're producing decent youth prospects but they're not at first team level, so some of that Windy criticism is probably based on recent history, like Reo Griffiths leaving for better opportunities. But it is a case of horses for courses.

Also, yeah the Skype podcast is quite a difficult thing to master, you can hear a difference in sound quality and the fact that people who are used to sharing the same room don't have the same dynamic when they're effectively on the phone.
Just for the record, I'm not against Flav making money out of the whole thing, just that I'm not comfortable with how things seem to be headed, I wish him every success though. For fuck's sake don't stop listening to the pod just because I'm in a grumpy mood...
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Pod was fantastic when it started. Flav, Spooky, Ricky and Thelonious. The energy and chat between those four was great. Then the guests started and it just lost some of its charm. I listened to every episode for a few years but not for this season and last. Just not for me anymore.

Pretty much reflected in my feelings on the forum too. Awesome early on. Not so much now.
Dry, boring, HE’S A CUNT! What exactly is he meant to take from that?
And that's me being constructive...I'm sure they have a lot of fun recording them and I really tried to listen to them in the early days but I was always distracted by the naff intro music and my attention always faded, dunno if it was the subject matter or the guy's delivery, it just wasn't my cup of tea...then windy had a rant that youth players should be getting the hell out of the club....just put me right off.
This.... I'm entirely aware i'm not old skool TFC but seen similar over and over....

What's the other option?

Stay the same and face accusations of staleness and be left trading as a 'nostalgia' act..

The trick is evolving in tune with ones audience at a rate the suits venture and audience.

Since ive been listening there's been an increase in the amount of serious content, more written articles, more socials, the advent of the extra inch and a number of really good specials.... (The contracts special was top draw content imo!)

None of the personalities involved are overbearering... I understand the dick jokes and stuff aren't for everyone but rather than becoming more juvenile, as a broader project i'd say it's 'growing up'.

Regular listeners will likely note that they often discuss the idea of the non-footy stuff branching off for it's own show anyway....

Re: monetisation... As long as we're not bombarded with ads and the content isn't compromised then good luck to the lads... Just means things can keep rolling as outgoings inevitably keep creeping up.
I’ve noticed that there have been occasional adverts,but they soon disappear. I suspect that splitting the 70 v 30 percent would be advertiser friendly.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
I’ve noticed that there have been occasional adverts,but they soon disappear. I suspect that splitting the 70 v 30 percent would be advertiser friendly.

On the upside they did spent much of the ad time at the begining of this season trying to give me beer. :)
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