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Just seems weird to me that you're posting on the forum of a podcast which you know we all post on and read, someone's posted a largely positive and interesting thread asking about the evolution of the podcast, and you've basically gone 'it's shit, mate, and that Windy's a cunt'. You're shitting on something a lot of people on here enjoy, and obviously that's gonna ruin my day if I read it, and the chances are I'm going to read it. Spoiler: I read it. Would you come up to me in the street and call me a cunt? I highly doubt it. So why post it here? What did you hope to achieve other than deliberately bringing someone down (and let' be honest, that's a very weird thing to set out to do)?

When your mates tell you about their passions in life do you get in their faces and say 'THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S SHIT, THAT'S REALLY SHIT, HE'S A CUNT, YOU'RE A CUNT, THE PEOPLE YOU LIKE ARE CUNTS'? Again, I doubt it.

It's not about me being beyond criticism - I get plenty of that, some constructive and some not. It's about what you are adding to an argument, a conversation, the universe.

Tbh I'm disappointed in myself that I've wasted ten minutes on a Saturday night replying to this. Crack on, ArtyB.

FFS now Windy is sad and that's made me sad. Weekend ruined.
I enjoy the pod, can't remember when I first started listening but it feels like an age ago.

Makes me feel a bit better when we lose, love it when we win, and has made me laugh loads of times.
Yeah, I remember Flav calling this place a hellmouth...I call windy a moany cunt and my psychological reasoning is called into question... sorry if I upset his sensibilities, we use cunt over here so much it can be used as a term of affection. He obviously knows a lot about the kids and I'm sure his rant about KWP, if I recall, came from frustration and I'm sure he regretted saying it, but it didn't sit well with me...

Actually I laughed a bit reading this because I thought Windy called it a hell mouth not Flav..
Never understood the outright cuntyness of some people when they talk about podcasts (not to call out any individuals, just thinking in general)

I've listened to podcasts for nearly 10 years, the reason being they're a few/group of people talking in a casual manner about a subject they're passionate about. It's like sitting in a pub and listening into a conversation, if I wanted polished talk with a limit to what subjects can be spoken about I'd listen to the radio or a main stream companies pod. Of course there's place for constructive criticism, sound quality, a guest not gelling right. But to just outright bad mouth parts or all of it is just pointless. It's free, don't waste your time if you don't enjoy it. But why the need to say it that in a blunt manner I will never understand.
C'mon mate I can take it...mind you don't fall off your high horse...
Still listen to every episode and it was awesome to finally appear on one earlier this season.
To keep going for so long with such consistency on a free piece of content is remarkable in itself and I don't think you appreciate that unless you've ever tried to do something similar yourself.

Besides enjoying the pod in its own right, listening to TFC has often been a bit of a comfort blanket for me in times of anxiety and stress. It's like catching up with a bunch of old mates , listening to them chat shit for an hour.

It's not always perfect but I still download every week.
Good to see jimmyriggle jimmyriggle get 9/10 in the quiz top quizzing
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