The Race for 4th

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Is that really necessary? Happy (more than happy to admit I am wrong) but feels kind of childish to call out something that neither party knew would happen.

It's just sad to go back and call out posts for an "I told you so" I have never done and never will.

Opinions change and are formed based on past experience and current situations, at the time I didn't think we had a chance, I was wrong.

I have spent months since those posts saying we will do it and being positive because I noticed a growth under this manager, so not sure what the point of this is?
Fair play to you for holding your hand up and saying you were wrong.

Was it necessary to belittle and deride others by saying ;

"BuT ThE SeAsON IsN't OvEr YeT!"


...thin line between positive mental attitude and delusional rambling.

Maybe next time don't be such a melt and believe in the team, the same team with the same players and same manager that we had when you posted the above.


Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
This would be so huge for our transfer window and reshaping of our squad.

Top tier quality in.

CL + Conte + Stadium + Training ground is just too good to resist.

Let's not fuck around at Norwich and blaze them off the pitch.

What a night!

Time for enic/levy to learn from their mistakes & go for it, from a position of strength rather than the “settle for what you have mentality”.


Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
You realise we could still lose to Norwich, right?

This going full Shady isn't a good look. Just enjoy the win, going back and quoting posters who had a different view to try and one up other fans isn't it. Other people thought differently and so far (through a lot of Woolwich collapsing) have been proven wrong.

Some of you seriously look like you're happier you were 'right' than that Spurs won. Straight on to go back and get digs in. I'm sure if I went through your posts (or any of the people bizarrely rubbing in this result) I could find plenty of bad takes.
Yes, like Jose is a great appointment levy! Serial winner. He will do wonders for us.
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