The Race for 4th

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This can still go tits up.

It's not time to start sucking each others dicks just yet...
Sad A Christmas Story GIF by filmeditor
Praying, praying that the cauldron tonight (all signs point towards St James' Park doing just that) will ensure Newcastle don't play like a team on the beach.

Just can't help but think that Newcastle team was less motivated and the sunny Sunday afternoon atmosphere was exactly what will have suited Woolwich.

A rowdy Monday night mood will hopefully do the opposite job: just remember how they fared against Palace.

Usual suspects will be telling us it's 'back on!!!' when we win our next game. You wait.

Nice of the team to end our season nice and early again.


As soon as there’s a chance to push into credible contention for top 4, our bunch of bottlers shit their pants.

Absolutely no chance.

Lock thread please...

Most fucking embarrassing "race" for 4th on record.

Fuck this thread we're ending up in the Conference, we all know it.

Top 4 is gone. It's the DNA of this club

Perpetual Mid Table Club

Every season someone starts a thread like this and every season we go to shit once the thread is started.

When will we learn?!

The fans on here thinking there's no hope of top 4 have the mentality they like to complain about the team having.

Top 4 is still well on. Beating Woolwich at home may be key but it's well on.

think that Woolwich side will struggle to even beat that poor everton side. they are fucking awful. we will thump norwich. 5-0 with it being 3-0 at halftime so them scum players can go in at half time and get the bad news..wankers!


Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
surely thats the aim, this is the most important window in our history. conte hasnt come here to mess about and let years drift by.
Chance for Redemption for enic.
Let’s strike whilst the irons hot!
United, Chelsea, Woolwich all in bit of a mess.
Obviously city & Liverpool very good. But we can become 3rd best & win a cup or 2.
Looking back, there were quite a few of us betting on Newcastle, and it wasn't out of blind hope either.

The result was even more one sided that we expected though.
Oh yeah. I'll admit - I was running errands and watching a rerun of the Chase instead because I didn't want to turn Sky Sports on and jinx it, but everything I read about the match as it was happening sounded like complete dominance by Newcastle who would have put it out of sight if they were halfway clinical.

This Woolwich side are a mentally weak bunch of overrated cunts.

Also I had the misfortune of seeing a Saka post-match interview and my word he's a charisma vaccuum.
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