The Race for 4th

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ENIC hokey cokey
And just like I thought, Woolwich being given every excuse in the book - Gab Agbonlahor saying that they're a young team and they were never expected to challenge for top 4 and we have two World Class players and Conte blah blah blah

Funny that cause we weren't given this much sympathy when were were labelled bottlers and that we finished 3rd in a two horse race in 2015/16 even though we were never fucking top of the league at any point...our average age of the squad back then was 23.9 years old which is younger than the Woolwich team now.

But you know, narrative gonna narrative and all that.
This thread got a kicking before, but thank fuck it somehow stayed alive throughout the season.

It'll be an interesting dynamic this weekend because it's really the first time that the 'pole position' for the 4th spot, so to speak, is actually Spurs. I think it's potentially a good thing that we're the early Saturday kick-off as it means we can just go out and do our job against Brighton without thinking about any Woolwich results.

For what it's worth, I believe that our recent big wins have gotten under the scum's skin and aided their wobble. If we could do the same again on Saturday then it might demoralise them once more.
Usual suspects will be telling us it's 'back on!!!' when we win our next game. You wait.

Nice of the team to end our season nice and early again.


As soon as there’s a chance to push into credible contention for top 4, our bunch of bottlers shit their pants.

Absolutely no chance.

Lock thread please...

Most fucking embarrassing "race" for 4th on record.

Fuck this thread we're ending up in the Conference, we all know it.

Top 4 is gone. It's the DNA of this club


Perpetual Mid Table Club

Every season someone starts a thread like this and every season we go to shit once the thread is started.

When will we learn?!

The fans on here thinking there's no hope of top 4 have the mentality they like to complain about the team having.

Top 4 is still well on. Beating Woolwich at home may be key but it's well on.

I have also been thinking that while us qualifying for the CL next season is amazing it’s not the most important thing next season for me.

I think the most important thing next season is we need to win at least one trophy. I don’t care which but I need to see Hugo raise one above his head in our colors before he leaves. He deserves it. He has become a Spurs legend.
Rather win the league than the CL tbh


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Since Arcspace was permabanned we’ve taken 15 of 18 available points while scoring 21 and conceding only 6. Wind is at our back lads.
Really can't beat CL nights.. any trophy would be great to win obviously, but people who claim that top 4 is a fetish and the Poch years were a failure are clueless. Will never forget the excitement and tension of our tie vs Juventus. Really excited today, it's been a tough slog watching this team the last two years and it's great to see us on the rise again.
Cmon Newcastle....let's do this. Time to summon up the spirit of Ant and Dec, Alan Shearer, Cheryl Cole and Byker Grove and put it all on the line
Lampard should be sacked for that display. But we knew it. Funny, Chelski and West Spam laid down to the Arse and got nothing for it except disgrace. With Spam it cost them Europa League, hope they are happy now. those teams have no real pride. Brighton have more pride than West Spam. Potter might be a good England manager in the future.

Under Conté Spurs can go further. It's only the very hostile refereeing that holds Tottenham back. this is a really good/great Tottenham team and well managed by Conté.

Congratulations to all and to every Spurs supporter who suffered this season but came thru. The players improved under Conté and it shows as opposed to Woolwich who have had the refs and FA behind them every match but only got 5th. LOL. Soz I've had a few sherbets.......

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I've been avoiding this thread for most of the season, as it's been such a roller coaster of a ride.
In all honesty, I wasn't too sure if us qualifying for CL was the best thing for us this season, but when it became a two-way race with that lot down the road, I would have been gutted to miss out. The last couple of weeks have been so emotional and in a way, I'm glad it's all over. But by tomorrow I will be counting the days to the start of next season.
I've been reliving the NLD and the Man City games on YouTube, wouldn't have enjoyed them so much if we hadn't won today.


ENIC hokey cokey
All bias aside, Woolwich have done well to finish 5th and compete for top 4. They have a very young squad and coach. They are leading the line with kids (Nketia and Saka) - We have the best strike pair in world football (Kane and Son).

Nah its BS really, they had everything go for them, no European football, knocked out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round, us and Utd changing managers mid season whilst West Ham and Leicester had European football as well...not to mention spending the most money in the Summer AND having the audacity to call off the original NLD to give themselves more rest.

They played 44 matches this season, and at one point after match day 20 were 6 points up with a game in hand over us with a +7 GD.

To not get top 4 considering those circumstances is a fucking disgrace whether they're a young team or not.
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