The Race for 4th

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The PL almost always is a two team league but the dominant teams change over time. 16 years ago, Chelsea were top dog with United struggling to make a challenge, then United won in 2007 and things changed again. Before Chelsea, it was Woolwich and United who dominated the league, in the 80s it was Liverpool and Everton and people always think the monopoly is never going to end because they can't predict how the circumstances will change until it happens.

City and Liverpool will go into decline and other clubs will take their place. As I've said elsewhere on the forum, we are the highest placed club that is happy with the success it has achieved this season. We have momentum. The three clubs above us don't.

United dominated the premier league for ages under Ferguson, they had the rare off year but more or less bossed the domestic scene. City have won four of the last five league titles. They have infinite resources that nobody has ever had before. They just won a league and signed Haaland, and that won't be them done either. Hopeful at best to think they're going anywhere anytime soon.

Confused what this even means. City don't have momentum having just won a league? Liverpool who have 2 trophies and are in a CL final don't have momentum?
City wanted the CL and they didn't get it. Liverpool wanted the Quadruple and they didn't get it. Chelsea wanted to win the league and they spectacularly didn't get it.

I'm sure City will content themselves with a premier league title and Liverpool will get over the lack of a league title if they win a treble of cups.

Not sure we can claim to have more momentum than teams who actually won trophies in dramatic fashion because we claimed top 4 in dramatic fashion.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
It's just a way of standardising the results to a 38 game 3 pt/1pt season.

E.g The title winning year...

31 wins / 42 x 38 x 3 pts = 84.14
4 draws / 42 x 38 x 1 pt = 3.62
Total points = 87.76

Why not just 31 x 3 = 93 replacing 31 x 2 = 62?
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