The Race for 4th

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Fuck off you creep.

Do you know what you need?

A hug.

Come here, cowboy

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We are not a good team.
I speak as neutral, more neutral than Switzerland. You have Conte: if he decides to create a winning environment he does it and if he is still there he means that he is "studying" for the summer. Conte will ask for 200. Levy will leave to give 50 and in the end that will come to a good compromise. Furthermore, he has already begun the purge. For the rest, I repeat: you have 3 better teams than you in terms of player quality. You must have confidence and above all awareness.

Conte in 2011-2012 made Juventus win the championship that came from a seventh place and a lot of fools. Even with Chelsea he took over a seventh-place team. And Inter, who in Italy called themselves "Pazza Inter amala", also suffered a shock with his arrival. Conte said: "I don't want a crazy team!". You Tottenham fans are a bit melancholy, you are afraid. You have to get out of this "mental situation".
I hate to be the party pooper but we’ve been here so many times before. 3 points seperate 4th from 7th so it can literally get turned on it’s head in 1-2 games. Just need to keep our head down and focus one game at a time
Fair enough, they have a game in hand and that's what they'll be basing their slight advantage.

I bet they DON'T take into account:

1. Tierney out for the season and Tavares/Xhaka at LB - that's their defence FUCKED
2. Partey out for weeks - that's their midfield FUCKED

I don't have access to the stats, but I saw them flash up briefly before the Palace game. Basically, a MF of Partey and Xhaka have a MUCH better win %age than without.

OK, there might be a reaction v Brighton, they are flat track bullies after all. But then it's

Saints away
Chavs away
MUFC home
Spam away

Between now and May 1st we've got

Villa a
Brighton h
Brentford a
Leicester h

We SHOULD put cleat water between us and the Goons then.

OMG how good would it be to wrap up fourth BEFORE the NLD.

That would be a nice big fuck you to sky etc for trying to manipulate the situation.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
All I know is that a few weeks ago, I was hoping we can avoid relegation and now I'm hopeful that we can make top 4 and a cup.
The pain and the ecstasy of being a Spurs supporter :)
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The overrating of Newcastle continues to be laughable. I understand people are desperate but the most likely outcome is the much better team Woolwich win.

Just like us Woolwich are shit enough to lose any game but no matter how many irrelevant things you bring up it doesn’t change the fact Newcastle are crap.
Once again demonstrating why a) nobody likes you and b) that you know fuck all.

You’re not a spurs fan and if I could grab your fat fucking face and throw you out of this forum, I fucking would.

Gooner scum


Listen to thinky
”We want the atmosphere to be absolutely bouncing. We want to win this game.

“We deserve to win this game and go out on a high at St James' Park because of the way they've performed at home since the turn of the year - we're just really excited.”

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