The Sack Race

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The Big Man of TFC

I can see a lot of sackings this season.

Can't see Pellegrini, Rodgers, Sherwood, Flores or Advocaat managing their sides next season.

Wouldn't be surprised if Wenger and Van Gaal retire.

Would be surprised if Poch gets a third season.

Koeman, Hughes and Pardew to get better clubs?
Brenda and his scabby lips.

Just keep spamming every piece of liverpool media online with "if you spend £280 million then you expect to be challenging for the league" and let the rest do itself.


Formerly WALOB
McLaren and Hughes are very generous at 33/1.

McClaren because it's McClaren and Hughes because Stoke have spent a load of cash.
Martinez just needs a bad run and he'll be Kenwright's next scapegoat.

i dont even know who half of those people are managing at the moment.....


Where's the Kaboom?
I think, unless ther dippers are really struggling, rodgers will last the season

However, he has to get top 4. having effectively put the blame on his coaching staff for last season, he has no other option.


Would love it if this whole Chelsea physio thing spirals out of control and Mourinho is made to resign or gets the sack.
Not sure why it's not caught the eye of all the twitter feminist warriors yet.

Other than that, I would say Martinez if they didn't have Kenwright as chairman. Their fans are really not happy and they've not really improved the squad much since last year.
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