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He's an anomaly to me.... No track record of EPL progression so not viable for Everton or bigger; yet not someone you'd bank on if you were a relegation dodger like WHam, Newcastle, Palace of whoever.

No way would I bring him in if I ran an EPL club.....

I'd say Norwich would be a good fit if they ditched Farker or Brentford if they don't get promoted and fancy a change..
I would avoid Watford like the plague. Trigger happy idiots. Same with Birmingham City I think he does deserve a bigger job, but probably at a sleeping giant. He's proven in getting promotion, so if i was a Sheffield Wednesday fan i might think that he would do better than Monk.
They'll sack Moyes in the summer if they believe that they can get Howe in.

They've literally done it to Moyes before.
If he still has family reasons for staying on the South Coast, hard to see him leaving home. He's way better than Spam, where to start.

I thought it possible in the past that he'd leave by mutual consent with the club still in PL, and could go to Saints. 30,000 stadium, good support, get them into Europe, tick that box then be in the frame for the England job. But they've got a very good manager in Hasenhutl. Except that he will at some stage get poached (or is that Poched haha).

He'd be a good fit there if he had decent help with transfers and a defensive coach. But maybe he's blotted his copybook too badly with a relegation.

Those were his 2 failings. Brooks was a big success, but the ones he got from Scousers were poor. They must have known he was an Evertonian. And the goals against column was terrible.

Pompey would be a good fit. Easy commute, wouldn't have to move, decent sized club down the divisions where promotion is a likelihood, rather than impossible. He'd be aiming to get them into PL within 3 years or so, did way more in less time with BFC. Kenny Jackett doing a decent job there at the mo, but they've missed out on promotion again, that's 3 seasons in a row. They really ought to be no lower than Championship.

Shame that the last season went so tits up, not helped by injuries to key players and I imagine a small squad. I don't think anyone else will ever do what he's done - take a tiny club from the brink of oblivion all the way to decent positions in the PL. In all their history they'd only been higher than 3rd tier for about 2 seasons.
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