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Good read!

And also from a selfish point of view, it's much more fun going to a game having a laugh with your mates while you join in for a good sing song. Going into a game expecting to sit in silence while waiting to be entertained is normally not worth 50 quid

The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
I do so fondly remember that cold September evening 16 years ago. It was an introduction to something special, an introduction I would never quite fully understand for months afterwards – an introduction that, frankly, didn’t really make sense! For here, was I, a young 17 year old who hated football… walking through the turnstiles of a Premiership football club! Why did I hate football? Well, because unlike most of the kids who liked it I was bullied at school [...]

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Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
Some of the responses are proving interesting....

Jurgen said:
Firstly working class kids play football in council estates and concrete cages from as old as they can kick a football and secondly they don’t go to university to study law! And their all racists, chavs, pikeys, little englanders according to the new age middle class football fan which is causing this poisonous atmosphere u speak of. From salt of the earth to scum of the earth
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