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I agree with you to a point, but the reality is that apart from Barcelona, Madrid, PSG and Manchester City, all clubs are vulnerable to having their best players poached. Once a player's head is turned, it is hard to get them back on track, and I suppose I'm still naive enough to think that playing for Spurs should be enough. And I appreciate that you don't rate my post with an 'x'......I would have to send in the heavies if you did.:levystare:
Even then their best still get poached. Luis Figo went from Barcelona to Real. Zidane went from Juve to Real. Neymar went from Barca to PSG.

This whole facade that we're a selling club is nonsense. We've sold one genuine 1st team player in 4 and a half years (Kyle Walker for far more than he's worth) since Gareth Bale. In that time Luis Suarez has left Liverpool, Paul Pogba has left Juventus, Neymar has left Barcelona, Angel Di Maria has left Real Madrid and Manchester United, Raheem Sterling has left Liverpool, Diego Costa has left Chelsea, David Luiz has left Chelsea and PSG, Juan Mata has left Chelsea.

If we're a selling club, having sold Kyle Walker then so are all those clubs named there.

Basically people use this selling club nonsense to push their agendas not based on fact or reality but on vendettas.

We do live in a post-truth world these days though.


Just Do It

What a player ... Absolutely love this fella.

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John Thomas

For those that made their voices heard. We salute.
I still ain't getting all the hate towards Toby. He's never refused to play, was rightly upset at not playing last season. what proffessional wouldn't be. And is simply refusing to sign a new contract he ain't happy with. Yet he's still hounouring the contract the club agreed to that guarentees we at least double our money if he leaves next year.....
It seems every time the club sells one if its best players, that player must be labelled a cunt. Its fucking pathetic.
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