Toby Alderweireld

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Dozens. Well the generosity of that gesture just bowls me over

like Zlatans insult to Madrid. Some fund that raised what 100k.... big fuckin wow

half a weeks wage

they should stfu unless they’re going to do something worthwhile

half couldn’t spell philanthropic let alone offer any attempt to be it
Lewandowski gave a million euros to fight the virus. A few dozen tablets would be at max be £5000. Compare that to the wages and how much money they have, its a joke to even make it newsworthy.

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In terms of financial capacity comparing me and Toby it’s a bit like me donating the local hospital my old iPhone 4

it’s paltry
Its good that he donated something. But to go to social media about how he plans to donate and make a big deal about it is a bit shit considering its almost nothing to what he gets a week. Lewandowski donated a million. That is a real donation from someone rich.


Scientists say.....
Apparently Toby wants to return to Belgium in two years when his contract ends. Good luck to him. Some twit on the internet has called him a snake and he should be sold this summer. Ridiculous.
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