Top 4? 2020/2021

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Finishing position 2020/2021

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It’s absolutely unbelievable that we are still firmly in the mix for top 4 given our form and results from mid Dec to mid Feb, but that’s exactly where we find ourselves.

As much as I dislike Mourinho as a manager if he gets us into the CL next year then that’ll do for me. Another year will have been earned. I just hope that this turn round in style of play is down to the management team as much as the players.
If only we had sacked Mourinho during the international break. As always Levy waits too long to make a move, we haven't left ourselves enough matches. We're going to have to win every game and even then we'd only finish with 68 points. That won't be enough.
Bale coming into form and scoring goals is massive for us,

Adding a 3rd top class goal scoring forward to Kane and Son hugely increases the chances of us scoring goals.

Maybe Dele joining those 3 too ? And Lo Celso back to rotate at CM and Spurs look stronger than at any time in the season......... perfect for the business end of the season when adding top class players can be game changing.
Laugable the people thought this could happen.

Yet another must win game and we just dont turn up - in any case it's just papering over the cracks of what is a massive rebuild.

Simply dont deserve to be anywhere near top 4
This thread when it’s told to stop existing ......(don’t know how tbh)

Spurs when they're told there's a chance...

I understand people are probably still bitter over Leicester’s title run. Other than that, I’m not sure how you can support other big six teams over them. It’s a well run club that is making good business decisions and playing well as a team. Something we should learn from.
Anyone expecting us to win the league?

Top 2 and a title challenge?

Personally I think that squeezing into the Top 4 is a realistic aim. 3 way battle with United and Chelsea. For the first time in a while I think we look the weakest of the top 5.

Hopefully we make some more signings but I think Jose has his work cut out this season.

Vote will stay open and you can change your mind if we sign Messi.

No chance of top 4 imo. 3 way battle with Chelsea and utd, have you seen the players Chelsea are signing after they already finished way above us last season.
I fear this season could be worse than the last one


Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
I really want Mou to show he’s still got some magic in him and that we can become nasty winning arseholes. Everyone hates us anyway. Fuck ‘em all. Top 3 and 2 trophies. And us back in the stadium!
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