Top 5 racist clubs

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Admin Admin We have had so many racism threads with no substanse other than. There was a good one last year regarding Rudiger. I think it is wrong flouting racism as a regular thing. I know most people on this forum detest it. Some people have a agenda when it suits them. Hope you will shut this down.


I didn't see the Juve tweet yesterday so I'm glad that it's been reposted.
I get why the two threads about racism were closed and I get this is a football forum first but unfortunately racism IS involved in football and people WILL want to talk about it, whether it's happening to our players or chairman or in other clubs abroad or here.
Racism is an emotive, subjective topic but we should be able to have a robust discussion about it. Shutting down every racism topic or banning it as a subject imo would not be a good look.


The Fighting Cock
We absolutely should be able to discuss it and I'm happy to leave this thread open. Every time we seem to descend into this back-and-forth, point scoring between posters though. So the easy (and lazy) option for me is to close it, even if only temporarily. I don't care who "started it", who called who a name, who thinks who is racist... it's tiresome and pointless.

I might just start chucking people in the sin bin.

So yeah, carry on. My trigger finger will be extra itchy around any topics that aren't Spurs though.
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