Tottenham’s Greatest Ever Striker

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Dr Rocktopus

Fuck Lineker up the arse with a twirling lawnmower.......


Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Never thought that I would see someone come anywhere close to Jimmy's record, but if Harry stays, I can see him surpass his total.
I saw Jim play once live, unfortunately one of the few games he didn't manage to score.
But from reading his book, sounds like he was just a naturally phenomenal finisher, wasn't much of a trainer and probably didn't have the healthiest of lifestyles.
On the other hand, Harry works his socks off and makes the best of his talents and is a much more rounded player.
These two are right out in front for their achievements in our shirt.
Used to love Teddy, one of the cleverest strikers to ever play the game. Keano, almost as clever. For lethalness (is there such a word?!) Klinsman, Defoe and Clive Allen.
But i go with the majority and vote Greaves. Hopefully Kane will surpass him and become the greatest. 👍
Hey I'm new here but I've been supporting the lilly whites from the 60s. Nobody has mentioned the great Bobby Smith! It was only Bill Nick stop him scoring shed loads of goals after the double season. Bill wanted Jimmy to be the main goal scorer. So my vote goes to Smudger Smith.
Totally agree that Greavsie & H deserve to be 1and2 on the list but honourable mention please for one of my all time favourite players-Steve Archibald. The relationship between Steve and the Shelf really was something to behold........


Paul Mahorn. If you had seen him play and score in that league cup game in 97 you would know what a good striker actually was.

Neal Fenn & Rory Allen probably the best partnership I saw. Tore United a new one in that classic FA Cup match in Jan 97.

have a lot of love for the 97 era.

Mr. Voldemort

No More Mr Nice Guy
Only one commodity for measuring the success of a striker and that's goals scored.

One true legend, which is Greaves. 379 Apps and 266 goals = goal every 1.42 games
Kane a possible legend in the making 209 Apps and 142 goals = goal every 1.47 games

So for now I'll pick Jimmy but if Harry stays a few more seasons I may be forced to reconsider.


I have to go with Greaves but Harry could take the crown in time (assuming he stays long enough).

Chivers also gets overlooked as well. Probably because he wasn't particularly glamorous & came immediately after Greaves.

In his 8½-year Spurs career, Chivers scored a total of 174 goals in 367 first-team appearances and remained the leading Tottenham goalscorer in European competition for 39 years until he was overtaken by Jermain Defoe on 7 November 2013. He was capped 24 times for England, scoring 13 goals.
I think we need to look beyond the amount of goals the striker scored and consider the player's all round game. A player like Sheringham who had the intelligence to create space and bring others into the game is worth a thousand Linekers IMO even if he didn't score as many goals.

I'm not old enough to remember the Glory Glory days but I've watched lots of old matches, read books and studied the history of the club. I think I'm going to give the nod to Alan Gilzean; neither Greaves or Chivers would have excelled as they did without Gilzean. I think it says a lot about a player if you still need him in your team when he's at the age of 35 or 36. Danny Blanchflower is the only other outfield player I can think of who achieved that distinction. Sheringham aged well but by the time he got to 36 we needed him like a hole in the head. Gilzean and Blanchflower were key players.
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