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Sent my mate Mark ,who was meant to be there yesterday,but couldn't make it(Trains),my photo with Keith Osgood,he sent this back.
"Keith Osgood tried to chat up and pull my girlfriend in Zero 6 nightclub in Southend. She was out with her mates and I was with mine. She come over to me and said that bloke is being a right pest. Says he’s a pro footballer. I told her who he was and I told her to say that as I’m a Spurs fan I wouldn’t give him a slap. He got me a beer and we had a laugh about it. I would never recognise him now!"
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This isn't my era of things but genuinely think it's brilliant that players and supporters can meet up and have beers like this years later. Enjoyed reading about it.

Doubt our current crop will be this accessible in 40 years time.
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