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Back to the 60s
Got to have a shout for Derby at the Baseball Ground in the 70s

Their ‘end’ was down the side and I was with some fellow yids one game where we filled up one side of it in 71

Kicked off big time at half time after we chanted ‘Forest’ at them

Big rivalry there apparently

Old Bill just stood on the pitch watching it

My left eye completely shut by the end of the game

Ended up 2-2 and great seeing Gilzean and Chivers together up front
My dad always tells me about wolves away. Complete dump round there (apparently) so not surprising it's abit moody.

Woolwich have always been rated as the best dressed back in the day.
Boro was well lively at Ayresome and there was the pub near the Riverside that Spurs set fire to not that long ago....Woolwich dressed as road runners yes.
I'd imagine many posting on here like me were never a fully bona fide hoolie, but were nevertheless caught up in scrapes, or found themselves on the fringes of situations not of their own making.
It's a fantastic thread to relive some of these stories of a time that will never be repeated.
I said before two of my brothers were cockney reds, well one year early eighties Spurs were away to Man Utd, we arrange to stay with some man Utd lads and head up Friday night. Saturday morning we head into the town centre and into a united pub where all their top boys meet pre match. The cockney reds turn up and drinking and singing starts. Anyway a big commotion starts in the pub, apparently two undercover old bill trying to infiltrate the red army have been caught!
They bring them into the centre of the pub and sit them down while the whole pub is singing "kill,kill,kill the bill" I've never seen anything like it, they then piss in pint pots and make the old bill drink it!! All the while singing the same song.
A United fan standing next to me with his eyes bulging and his veins sticking out says to me " I fucking hate cockneys, but your alright" to say it was surreal would be an understatement.
The two old bill consumed at least 5 pints of piss each but no one laid a finger on them. I quess the fear of violence is greater than anything.
After the match it was back to the town centre for a few beers before the train home. We went into a place called the beer Keller another United watering hole. After a few pints the place gets attacked by city's firm the kool Kats, mayhem follows for twenty minutes and all goes back to normal.
After that day I knew I much preferred a few beers and a sing song in the pub pre match rather than the mayhem some people loved. I loved hearing stories of what they all got up too, but you can't get up to that stuff with a belly full of beer
I look back on those days with great affection and as the days I most enjoyed going to football.
We didn't really play them that much however the times we did we came out on top. That league cup tie in 85 and the 91 cup tie we had a fearsome mob. Certainly not to be discounted mind.

remember that cup tie for a bloke with a broken leg on the pitch in the corner.
in early 70's ( I was about 16yrs old) we were at Euston waiting to get the train to Coventry, all just milling about the ticket office, when suddenly heard "United" coming from the platforms (their train had just arrived and they were running up the platform into the station area)
one of those big plate glass windows in the ticket office smashed and we run from the station we turned right and run down the road chased by united boys, by luck there was a pub on the corner where the spurs boys were drinking they just started throwing bottles & glasses at the united boys which soon sent them packing
Derby away was always lively. I remember the train pulling in to be met by loads of Midland and Northern Spurs and being marched to the ground like a huge army. You really felt that you had taken over the town. Inside, I recall Spurs having a right go in the home end and one lad being taken out by stretcher to huge roars of approval. After was a different matter as they would mob up and the walk back to the station was always fun and games. Anyone here go to the 8-2 / the wheels came off that day for sure.
As a 12 yr old was given The Glory Game by Hunter Davies that Xmas and devoured it in about a day (well, our telly was black and white and there were only 3 channels then. Kids, ask your parents).

One of the chapters he went with the fans on the train up to Coventry. The ringleader was a guy called Nick who had his name tattooed on the inside of his mouth (Davies couldn't read it properly, thought it was "Fuck" till he was told).

Of course it all got very lively on the terrace, sounded more like a war zone. Pity that he picked a game where there was no obvious animosity. Goons, Chavs, Dippers, Everton, Yanited, Citeh, Spam, Derby might have made for even better reading.

SouthStand Billy

Just spent the last 40 mins reading this thread. Absolute Classic.
Some of it before my time but recognise a lot of names and occasions.

A lot of negativity in some of the match threads but this is like a breath of fresh air.

Sterling work gentlemen.
Speaking of the Cockney Reds, I was on a train back from Manchester (not Spurs related) last season and there was a group of old school Reds on. They were talking old days and all reckoned Spurs away was one of the toughest, citing many incidents up and down the High Rd. Incidentally, Maureen was on the train as well. Refused all pictures and autograph requests much to the fans disgust.
not sure what season it was 74 or 75, went to Leicester away, it was my turn to take the car (3Lt Capri E) when up the M1 tried to race a Ferrari, and blow the engine (only doing 120), lucky we got it into Leicester Forest East Services, can't remember how we got to the match, went home on train
on the Monday night me & neighbour went up and towed it home using tow rope, M1 though London and out to Gidea Pk (Romford) only broke the rope once, that neighbour really showed me how to tow & be towed


Sammy is a dribbling gooner mess
Fuck I wish I'd been at some of these things...amazing stories chaps. I love an 'edge' at football, an edge which has definately been missing at Wembley, and isn't all too common anywhere these days!

One game that (for me anyway, although clearly it's nothing to the stories mentioned on here) felt edgy as fuck was when Portsmouth came to us a few years was Judas's return, and Redknapp's first game in charge against Pompey since leaving them. Media coverage was banging on about how it was likely to kick off that day.

Didn't see too much going off, but it felt pretty tense, and a lot of verbals were flying about.

Sorry for that shit story!

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